[Dungeoneer]Map placement and moving.

I recently got Vault of the Fiends. Even with the latest 2.3 Version rules there is one thing that can still be confusing. And that is those damn walls.

In the description of Exists:

Fair enough.
But then in a heros move:

If there is a wall on the card I am on I can not go through it. Easy enough.
If the card I am on has a Open exit to the noth but the card to the north has a wall on its South exit (adjoining the card I am on) what happens.
a) I get stopped by the wall on the next card (contradicting the last of the hero move quote)
b) I go through a one way door (contradicting everything else).

So far I would go with a) not passable.

When you place the map cards you can not place a open exit next to a wall. You can only place an exit next to another exit and a wall next to another wall.

Does that help?

That would help except I can find no reference to that in any of the rules sets and it contradicts the placement example in the version 2.0 rules which come with the game.

here is what i am talking about.. if you will notice there is a big X on the picture of the card with a wall being aligned with the open door. this means no.

But the text that goes along with that picture from V2.3 is

"and no Map card or section of map may be “stranded” so that it has no way for a hero to get back to the rest of the map (example C)."

Since the Exits on that card connecting it to the rest of the map are walls, a character in that room can not get to the entrance, therefore illegal placement.

No mention of wall to door placement being illegal if there is another route from that room to the entrance.
The V2.0 rules show a pic of a room that has one wall to door placement and another door to door, thus giving it a route to the entrance and making it legal.

As mentioned the two contradictory statments in the rules are
"..Walls or an otherwise Impassable exit from either side"
"...ignore the exit of the space you are entering"

Yes, stranded. As in no map card room or passage can be placed so that its openings are all next to walls. It does not matter if there is still one door that is connected to another door on another card. If you have one door on a card blocked by a wall on another card its illegal. If you don't believe me then just send Tomas Denmark an e-mail: tldenmark@gmail.com

beyond what i have said already i really have no clue as to what your talking about. But this is how the map is to be set..

You need to read more carefully. WALLS are NOT exits. So if you have a door in one room leading to a wall it is a dead end (think of a false door) and you cannot go through it. Thus if you only have WALLS next to all adjoining exits of adjacent rooms it is considered stranded and CANNOT be placed as the illustration shows.

The rules say ignore the EXIT in the other room when going through a door. i.e. if the door in your room is open then you can go through, if the EXIT adjacent to it in the next room is Locked, Trapped, etc. without have to roll for threat.

I do still like the way the 1st edition rules were written. I think they were easier to follow.