Dungeoneer Map questions and other topics

I am a lone Dungeoneer player down in my area, but have recently have found some people that enjoy this type of card games, i bought the Tomb of the lich starter a while ago (second edition) so i got the Den of wererats expantion since my local car gaming shop didnt have any other expantion but anyways down to the point.
when playing with the 2 set combined i know that the urbar maps go "up" and the Dungeon maps go "Down" so:

  1. when setting the map cards at the beggining of the game do i set the 2 entrances with the 4 passages each or just the one players will start on?
  2. i know now that the wererat lair has a portal symbol that allows me to go down to the dungeon side of the game but how do i return from said area?
  3. since i dont have anymore expantions does other ones have CGI map cards or just the Tomb of the Lich since Den of wererats seems to have regular canvas arts...
  4. what expantios are only dungeons and which ones are just wilderness i know that TotL is Dungeon and that DoW is wilderness...
    thanks for any answers to this questions.

Hello Wylaf,

  1. You may start with both Entrances.
  2. You return the same way - the Dungeon entrance connects to the portal exactly like an Open door.
  3. The maps in Den of the Wererats were 3d models built, textured, and rendered out of Maya 5.0. They are in fact CG. Just like in all the other sets they were touched up in Photoshop to enhancements so they would reproduce better.
  4. Vault of the Fiends is the other Dungeon set, all other sets are Wilderness. The next set coming out: Call of the Lich Lord will be Dungeon.

Thanks for playing Dungeoneer!

Thanks alot Thomas.. now i am clear on the whole Dungeoneer aspects of the game.

Well i have gotten myself the Dragons expansion and i must say that is one tough game... but the maps have 3 portals to dungeons so when i'm playing with the Lich tomb expantion does all 3 portal maps lead to the Tomb Treshold? or one is assingned to be the entrance and exit?

True, Dragons is perhaps the most challenging of all the Dungeoneer sets.

The portals generally don't go anywhere, only the first one that is drawn. If you have multiple Dungeons (Tomb & Vault, and soon to be Crypt) then they can all connect to the Dragons set.