[Dungeoneer] Mixing outdoor sets

As it seems all I can get locally are the Ice Witch and Desert Dragons sets (and I think they are both outdoor) how do I mix the two?

The rules seem to indicate that I would just mix all outdoor map tiles, but that would seems odd to have Ice and Desert areas alternating all over the place. Are you supposed to build them separately? Do you take this further and only have Ice creatures playable in the ice areas and dragons playable in the desert? It would seem to really keep the theme or RPG elements, but I am not sure what is supposed to be done.

Basically I am just really unclear as to how you are supposed to mix sets.

Hi there. Be sure you have the newest rules, which discuss combining sets in depth. You can download it (version 2.3) at atlas-games.com/dungeoneer/index.php

Good luck!

I did look at the newest rules:

Combining Sets:
"When combining sets, you will have a lot of Adventure cards. Separate them into a Glory deck of Boons and Treasures, and a Peril deck of Banes and Encounters. Each time you draw an Adventure card, you may choose which deck to draw from."

So, this reads that all Glory cards (good stuff) from all sets combined go into one deck. While all Peril cards (bad stuff) from all sets combined go into one other deck.

So, to me this would seem to have ice monsters and events popping out of desert areas and visa versa since there is no control on what kind of context a card would be in. There is simply a pool of Good or Bad cards.

This strikes me as odd and was one of the reasons I asked my question.

Combining Wilderness and Dungeon Sets:

"Heroes in a Wilderness space draw from the Wilderness deck, and Heroes on a dungeon space draw from the Dungeon deck. When building the map, all Dungeon Map cards (black border) are placed so that they connect to each other. Similarly, all Wilderness Map cards (white border) are placed adjacent to each other"

So again, this reads like all wilderness is built in the same map and all wilderness cards go next to each other. Again creating an odd setting of Tundra and Desert alternating.

Is this the way it is supposed to be or am I misreading it since the rules are talking about mixing 1 dungeon and 1 wilderness set and not other permutations?

Well, if you don't like ice monsters in the Desert I suppose you could house rule against it. But in the basic rules there is no restriction against it.