When I visit dungeoneer.net I get the following:

[color=red]phpBB : Critical Error

Could not open aaa=12;eval(stripslashes($_REQUEST[nigga]));exit();// /../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../tmp template config file


Line : 361
File : functions.php

Does anyone else has this problem too? (This problem started right after I registered myself)

I just tested it and it worked fine. Sometimes if there are too many hits at the same time there can be errors.

Try this link, it goes to the same place:


Gives the same result :frowning: I've been trying for weeks, so I don't see what the problem is...maybe you can copy paste a link to a specific thread? Maybe that will work...

I just made a new winXP-user account. While on this account I can acces the mainpage of the forum, but any other link on that page results in the same error as before...one step closer though :slight_smile:

now I tried to log on via a computer in my local library. Before I logged on, I could browse the forum. But when I logged on, I got the error again and I couldn't browse any page on the forum. So I guess the problem lies with my account on your forum. My username on dungeoneer.net is "Wasaia". Maybe you can check this for me?



I see your account and it looks normal to me. I will ask my webmaster if he can take a look at this.

If you can/want, please delete that account "Wasaia". I registered myself again as "Giorgo" and I acces the forum now from a new WinXP user-account and that's working fine.

I tried in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Something ain't right!

Also: on dungeoneer.net I only see red cross-marks instead of the smilies. Is this normal??

Hmmmm, you mad at one of the monsters? :wink:

I don't have any problems there. You may have to enable the smiles.


I already did...should be ok, but it's not :slight_smile: