[Dungeoneer] Question about combining Dungeon and Wilderness

I'm considering combining Dungeon and Wilderness sets but I have a few questions, since I've only played dungeon so far, and with the 1st edition set of TotLL. I have read the newest version of the rules.

  1. How many portal map spaces are in the wilderness sets?

  2. Do heroes each decide which entrance to start on, or does everyone start in the wilderness?

  3. Do the newer dungeon sets have portals, or just wilderness ones?

  4. The rules say you place a portal token on the map space and one on "a dungeon entrance". Are they implying the possibility of multiple dungeon entrances?

  5. How do you handle quests when combining the wilderness with dungeon? Do you randomly pass them out and whoever gets stuck with the most dungeon quests is out of luck until someone finds a portal?

Thanks for any help

  1. Each Wilderness set has at least 1 portal

  2. Player's decide which entrance they want to begin in

  3. Dungeon sets do not have portals, they do not need them (portals are connections from Wilderness to the Dungeon Entrance)

  4. Yes. This can create very interesting connections between the Wilderness and Dungeon.

  5. All Quests are shuffled together and dealt out normally (choose which entrance to start in after getting quests)