Dungeoneer Question

Okay. Maybe I'm just not understanding the Quest. In Den of the Wererat, the Divine the Holy Symbol quest, it says "Pay 2 Glory before rolling to remove 1 die for 1 attempt." If you are wanting to roll 7+ and rolling 4 die (removing any duplicates), why would you want to remove any? Is this for opponents? I could pay 2 glory so my opponent would get 1 less die? And is this cummulative? So I could (if I wanted to) pay 6 glory and he could only roll 1 die on his next attempt?

Oh, and on the Purchase the Dark Sabre quest, the flavor text and reward are printed upside down. Is that for a reason?

The "7+" is what you have to roll to find the Quest - then you must attempt to complete it according to the criteria.

The text is upside down on artifact type Quest because when you complete them you rotate them 180 degrees to read the text - that text becomes a permanent modifier to your hero.

At the risk of sounding sarcastic, because I don't mean to be, but the rules do explain this if you read them.

I understand the roll 7+. My quesiton was, if you are trying to roll 7 or better on 4 die, why would you pay glory to remove a die. Again, can your opponent use his glory to remove a die before the roll?

the quest procedure is as follows

  1. with one die roll 7+ to "Find" the symbol adding 1 to the roll for every space you are from the entrance.
  2. once the symbol is "found" you roll 4 dice, on this roll you must not get duplicates on any of the dice, you may however pay 2 glory points to remove one die from the 4 dice roll so you can up the chances of not getting the duplicates
  3. in case you fail the first time you may spend one movement point to re-roll the 4 dice.