[Dungeoneer] Sand Dragon vs. Dust Storm Dragon

First of all I'd like to say this is a great game. Thanks to everyone involved in creating it.

OK Here's my question:
How come the Dust Storm Dragon is atleast as good as the Sand Dragon in every way yet costs less to play? Is this how it's supposed to be or an error?

Also the "Defy the Pit of Sharnaga" quest seems odd to me. The wording leads me to believe I need to pay atleast 3 glory to even have a shot at succeeding. This seems strange since all the other quests that are similar the glory is spent to give additional dice, whereas in this quest it doesn't seem to be the case.


Glad you are enjoying the game.

Yes, the Sand Dragon originally did 2 wounds on a melee hit. I'm not sure at what point it got changed to only 1 wound, but the peril value wasn't changed to compensate.

So it would likely cost either 3 peril now or do 2 damage on melee hits?