Dungeoneer solitair turn sequence

I've tried the solo rules from the 2.1 optional ruleset, but it didn't play very smooth. I don't really understand the turn sequence, from the rules they are:

  1. Reset
  2. Dungeonlord Phase
    a. Roll for Random Encounters
    b. Combat (as standard)
  3. Build Phase
  4. Hero Phase (perform actions as in standard Hero phase)
  5. Draw (1 card from Glory deck)

The rules state that when you enter a room, you roll a D6 and take cards from the peril deck. So i suppose that turn 2 is integrated into the hero phase? Or should i also roll an additional D6 when in the dungeonlord phase and take the amount rolled as additional peril cards? I found the game to hard when playing that way. I was wondering what the official rules are, shouldn't the turn sequence be:

  1. Reset
  2. Build Phase
  3. Hero Phase (perform actions as in standard Hero phase, and roll for encounters (peril value of the card) when entering a new room)
  4. Draw (1 card from Glory deck)

Good idea.