Dungeoneer: the rpg?

someone told me that atlas was working on designs for a table top version of dungeoneer. is this true?

I remember checking into this a while back. It doesn't look like it's on Atlas' books yet. Check at the dungeoneer site (not sure of URL) - and there may be leads there too.

Hi there. We've discussed doing a Dungeoneer RPG with Thomas Denmark, but decided it wasn't right for Atlas right now. Last I heard, Thomas had approached another company to do it, but I'm not sure where that's gone.

ya, i check the main site and from the looks of it they plain to release it this year some time. Can't wait!!

I asked Thomas Denmark about it, and here's his response ...

"Dungeoneer Adventures (the RPG) goes to press Jun 1 and will be available Holiday season '08. As a note I believe Goodman Games is planning on marketing it more as a boardgame then as an RPG, considering the current market (it is very much a hybrid).

"Dungeoneer Scenarios is a collection of variant rules for the card game I have been collecting and expanding on over the years and have been considering selling it POD or downloadable PDF. It will be completed "someday"."

kool, can't wait