Dungeoneer - timing and verbage questions

Thanks in advance to an answer for the following:

Q1: Does the term in the priority list "Map space effects like Obstacles" include all TEXT BOX printed encounter/trap/issue items?

Priority Issue Example: Following priority protocol "... hero enters space, Peril and Glory generated, Map space effects like Obstacles, ..." could I do the following?
Character enters space
Gain Peril/Glory
Use Glory to activate a Spell which increases MAGIC
Use MAGIC to Test vs. a TEXT BOX described Threat which states "As soon as this space is entered..."

Q2: Situation: I have a BOON readied which says "when attacking with MAGIC roll 2 dice and choose best". During another players Dungeonlord Phase they play an Encounter-Monster against me whose primary attack form is MAGIC. Do I get to use the 2 dice?

Does this then mean the definition of Attack is "any non-Threat combat in which you roll dice of a given attack form"?

So the ELF ASSASSIN character CAN or CAN NOT pay the 1 Glory to add +1 MELEE when someone else (Including another character) initiates an Attack against her?


  1. The space effect takes place before collecting the Glory (as indicated by the priority order), so he would not have the Glory yet to spend on the Spell before the space effect occurred.

  2. Attack is rolling a die in combat. This applies to your attack roll as well as to your counter-attack roll.

  1. Actually Rules 2.2 Example of Resolution order says something different ... this is not funny.

True. The 2.2 example is correct. And nobody said it was funny.

While questions may be answered here to be helpful, the only "official" answers are those found in the latest rules and in the FAQ.


So I can enter a space, collect a glory and peril and before space effect takes place I can play/use boon or treasure card.

  1. What happens if I use teleportation rod (the treasure card with 3 counters on it that lets me teleport to another space once per turn). I use it after collecting glory and before taking space effect into consideration. Can I escape from space effect that way?

  2. When I look at the priority chain I can see that movement (spent movement point, exit, hero enters a space etc) is before space effect. Can I walk through dungeon not collecting glory/peril and not taking space effects into consideration?