[Dungeoneer] What to buy?

Our gaming group consists of 5 players and all the Dengeoneer boxes seem to be for 2-4 players. If i get a 2nd set, will that allow me to have more than 4 players?

Also I dont see a Dungeoneer basic set - so which is the best game to start up with and whats the next add on anyone would suggest?

Tomb of the Lich Lord was the first set out, but I believe that's temporarily out of stock. There's really no "core" set ... each one can be played by itself or mixed with others. Just don't get the Legendary or Epic set by accident, you should be fine. And yes, getting a second set would let you have more than 4 players.

Well, im looking at realm of ice witch and dragons of forsaken desert as these are available at the mo - would they be diametrically opposed - or could i start with these 2 working together for a 5 plater game right from the start?

You should be able to use those two together just fine. Have fun! :slight_smile: