Durenmar lending privileges?

How does the great library at Durenmar work in terms of magi visiting it to copy and read? Can any magi just show up and read what they want? Copy what they want?

I think there is an official answer in Guardians of the Forest. I'm not sure though, since the saga that I am playing is based there and our SG has asked that we not get the book for a bit so as to preserve the mystery.

Can anyone confirm or deny?


I confirm. You must contribute to the Great Library (new books or volunteer to do some copying) to be allowed to study there, although you can freely consult lab notes and Tribunal records. Copying must be negociated with the head librarian.

Are there suggested guidelines? To copy a season of spells, or texts, approximately what is expected in return?

You get two seasons of study if you bring in a new text, one for a season of copying.