Easter Eggs

this was fun to read. Sometimes, the world is a very, very small town

Yeah, I remember that. Jacked up your knee to where you couldn't DDR with me up at NekoNeko, which really sucked.

I think Cygna was still an apprentice when you left, so that might be part of it. No, wait...I think Aislinn was the one who told her that her father had been murdered by the Knights of the Sword, but she had Cygna spont a ReMe on herself to keep her temper in check, and she rolled like a couple of 1s and a something, wound up with an obscenely high Casting Total, so she wound up with a Moon duration spell that meant that she would be calm and tranquil for a long long time. Which was funny as heck. Of course, that was a long time ago, and I'm pretty sure I don't remember near as much as I wish I did.

Yeah, Jason tended to play him as pretty Flambeau-yant, but he was a Bonisagus who had been claimed from a Flambeau master.

I think the main changes I made were that she's happily married to a mortal (and regrets getting married after she had done her LR, so can't have kids, so she transferred her maternal instincts onto her apprentice Katerina Cygna), and doesn't have the whole Diedne thing, and isn't so Herbam-y.

Um...sorry? :stuck_out_tongue:

Get your genitals back in the box, Peregrine!

~cackles~ I've been wanting to say that ever since I realized I wasn't sure if you were a guy or a girl.

I miss that place. I still have a Ai Yori Aoshi DVD from there that I'd forgotten to return, and they charged me $50 for it. I'm never going to watch it again, but I feel obliged to keep it now, because it was a $50 dvd!

OH! I do remember that now!

The funny thing is that in Phoenix, a couple things you'd written reminded me of Heather. And I still didn't put it together :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, that's right!

...I never did quite forgive Dave for not nipping Jason's stunt in the bud the moment he started up :confused:

Hmm. We'd need to come up with some reason that Grus wouldn't have asked Leona to make her LR for her (major breakthrough, her LRs do not impair fertility, nor do they cause warping).

And at some point I need to PM you information on the lab Cygna will be taking over.

I've been trying but no one will let me! :laughing: (which is really depressing, now, since I'm just out of an eight-year-plus ldr with absolutely no zug-zug to show for it :cry: )

I remember Bremen trying to find people to turn pages for him. Also, the horse was named Shakhatz, which was Hebrew for 'Pride'. Cuz he had it, baby.

You would think that a cat could easily turn pages by showing them face-love.

Yeah, there was a couple of things I thought I saw that made me think there was a double standard between Dave's old hometown friends and his Austin friends, but I'm not sure how much of that was my "mental health" issues I had going on after losing my flood cert job and not being able to find another one for almost six months (in retrospect, I had what seems to me to be paranoid delusions which, combined with the crankiness I sometimes have when I'm really long-term stressed, which made me think that I was pissing everybody else off and was going to the game every week legit afraid that I was about to get booted, which combined with how far I had to drive to get there made it really not enough fun for me). But Jason being allowed to continue running Aiden after being voted out of the group, and then not letting me do the same with Mikhail after I left voluntarily, still hurts a little bit.

Is Leona's breakthrough recent enough that it might have happened after Grus had already done her LR, maybe?

It should never have gotten to a vote stage. Most people I've gamed with over the years? They'd boot someone the moment they decide their character is going to become a rapist... against NPCs. But when someone singles out a player to rape all their characters? Jeez, no question, boot to the face, stat.

Ouch. Sorry you didn't get to keep playing Mikhail (after you moved to PA, I assume?). I'd be willing to bet that the saga was just winding down and Dave wasn't going to have time to manage more stuffs happening via email. In fact I would bet money on WoW having eaten up all of both Dave and Heather's lives :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on how old Grus is. Leona's breakthrough was in 1170-something, back before Stonehenge started having trouble making muster for Tribunals.

[size=66]let's see...we're in 1221, Cygna is 31, so 1190, from 1170 carry the aught.[/size] You know, I'm not entirely married to the whole "Grus doesn't have kids" thing.

Is Leona's breakthrough common knowledge in the Order or the Tribunal, or is it more of a "psst...kid, I like you, here, have some awesome."? Maybe for her Bjornaer friends?

It is very common knowledge, being the main reason the rumours about her haven't led to any official investigations.

Continuing the whole "the internet is just one small town" theme from earlier: I have a strong feeling that the user who I just asked a question about a particular Scottish castle was the guy who ran my very first Ars game back in Austin in...um...'99 or so.

For those who don't get the reference, the innkeeper is an homage to one of my favourite schlock fantasy books of recent years.