Elves in Harn

So I'm working on getting a Ars game set up using Harnworld. And I'm looking for suggestion on working elves in as PC's. More so for character creation for beginning characters the ability cap is based on the characters age. And for someone wanting to play an elf I'm using an age multiplier to figure out the elf's age relative to human. I've got the multiplier at 6 currently so an elf starting at the equivalent age of a human at 30 would be 180 and so on. Now although this accounts for the ability cap it doesn't really prevent an elf starting at a higher age to get a better cap and exp to spend.

As elves are supposed to be nearly immortal I was trying to come up with a way to prevent someone from playing an elf having too much advantage on starting skills. So I'm looking for suggestions on some good limits to place on elves without saying "no you can't play one" I was thinking of maybe they accrue points similar to warping that represents their longing to pass into the west. As this longing grows their attention and interest to the world decreases basically resulting in "aging" penalties without actually gaining decrepitude. I don't have ROP: faerie yet so is there something in there? I'd like to see what ideas the board can come up with

Though not exactly typical inhabitants of the Faerie (or Magic) Realm, elves, being one of the three major civilized races, might be built on top of something like Strong Faerie Blood. That way, an elf player would have to spend three points for a Major Supernatural Virtue to begin with. This represents some of the mythical abilities, and also includes Unaging, a downgraded effect of what you describe above. You may want to adapt the Virtue to include some slightly negative side-effects, as it is sometimes the case with Virtues (or positive effects of Flaws, respectively); Personality Flaws, like "Driven: Escape Adversity And Mortality", come to mind. If you want to prevent players from playing elves, and search for a technical means to accomplish that, you can stack this requisite with other requirements, such as Improved Characteristics (balancing the bonuses to and higher caps for attributes), Venus' Blessing, et al., thus effectively keeping grogs from becoming elves. BTW, MERP/Rolemaster handles elves similarly, granting elf characters fewer points for background options, the explanation being that the race is bound more closely to its fate.

If you go for RoP: Faerie, you might run the risk of clashing with Conscience, or rather the lack thereof, as far as elven blooded characters are concerned. As I see it, they perfectly match a lesser variant of the Tolkienesque first born described in the Silmarillion.

Some good ideas thanks. Sounds like RoP:Faeries wouldn't be use here as I wanted to keep the elves and fae separate. Harnworld pretty much hints at the elves being tolkien anyway

As I understand it, Realms of Power Faerie does not really cover elves, but rather focuses on creatures whose existence is bound up with the telling of stories. Tolkienesque elves don't really fit with that. In terms of Ars Magica, elves are more likely to be magical creatures (Realms of Power: Magic), since they are largely unconcerned with humans.

Good idea. The rules of RoP:M mean that creatures with Might will lose it slowly if they loiter in the mundane world, due to Acclimation. Following these rules, one can imagine elves that withdraw more and more from the mundane world, into higher and higher auras, until the very ancient ones find even the mightiest auras uninspiring, and retire to the great Magic Realm beyond this mortal world. In this model, elves who come to live in mundane lands slowly lose their Might and, perhaps, with it some of their memories; they become lesser versions of themselves and, I'd say, long to return to the Magic Realm where they find themselves "healing" and returning to their old selves.

But having a version of Warping that causes desire to withdraw to the Magic Realm/West sounds great, too. If you wish, you could have Elven Magic as a separate magical tradition, complete with an automatic "logevity ritual" (so that elves automatically gain this effect). Following the Great Beasts from HoH:MC, you can combine the two ideas to have only elder elves, those lost to the West/Magic Realm, become magical creatures and gain Magic Might.

I like your ideas here. That's another thing I was trying to consider magic I'm not sure if they would use hermetic magic. Maybe A Hedge tradition or possibly if they do use hermetic magic maybe a mystery cult. Not sure what would fit best.

Elves live long, so why should they bother studying or working as hard and frantically as those who lives merely a moment? Take it easy and enjoy the moment!

In other words, reduce XP gain per season severely unless a stressroll reaches above a set limit, something based on being able to motivate themself enough to truly care about "rushing things".
Roll preferably based on an Ability and a Characteristic, or at least on the latter. Im not sure which would be suitable though.

A potentially suitable "fluff" reason...

If you can get your hands on an old copy of "Faerie" take a look at it since it covers the Sidhe. That should give you some ideas.