Email Broken

My ability to receive email appears to be broken, in that I don't seem to be receiving any email at all. Not even spam. (I also sent a test message to myself, which I haven't got.)

I've raised the issue with my ISP, and I expect that it will be resolved soon, but if I'm a bit tardy replying to email, it's probably because I haven't received it.

It wasn't your regional earth quake that buggered it? :wink:

Well if you are really lucky it'll be fixed by you ISP and you might even get a continued spam-free pass! In any instance, good luck.

This now appears to be fixed. I have received email that was sent while it was down, but I have no way of knowing whether I received all of it. If, in a day or so, you are lacking a reply to something important, please resend.