enchanted device speed

Relevant part from the rulebook: " Several rules apply to all enchanted devices, unless an effect modification has been made, and specifically states otherwise. [...]You can use one effect from one item each round, using the appropriate trigger action for each. You must make any Targeting rolls that are necessary, but do not roll for Fatigue. You use an enchanted device at an Initiative point equal to Qik + Stress Die."

So I'm playing a Verditius with Weak Spontaneous Magic. Fast-cast defense is out, and I'm looking to focus, where possible, on enchanted devices. Are there ways to increase the speed of an enchanted device while still allowing manual reaction (e.g. not an automatic linked trigger, which are sometimes hard to key properly)?

Have you looked at Fast Trigger ?

The effect gains a +3 Initiative modifier. This adds +5 to the level of the effect.

Houses of Hermes : Societates p 33


Could Fast Trigger be taken more than once? The effect modification description doesn't specify one way or the other.

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I agree it's unclear, but I'd tend towards saying it can be done since nothing prohibits it, and it balances out with spells cast by magi with high Finesse + spell mastery.

How would this balance with magi with high Finesse and Spell Mastery at all? What does Finesse have to do with initiative? If you're looking at Fast Casting, what does Fast Trigger have to do with that? As for Spell Mastery, the best you can do is +1 to initiative each time you take Mastery, which is a significant expenditure to get a single spell to +3, as compared to the minimal extra effort for Fast Trigger.

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That's a good point. Increasing the initiative of the effect doesn't necessarily allow the enchanted effect to qualify for a fast-cast defense. There's likely a way to balance this by fast-casting a spell to trigger the item, but that's so inelegant if the whole point of relying on enchanted devices is to avoid spellcasting.

I don't see that fast-casting a ReVi trigger would result in the item firing anything off the item as a fast-cast. The item would just behave as normal rather than speeding up.

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Why does Weak Spontaneous Magic rule out Fast-Cast Defenses? You can Master some Formulaic spells. You could also use Enchanted Casting Tools.

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The character also has Loose Magic so Spell Mastery is not high on his priority list. And yes, enchanted casting tools seems like the way to go, but frankly, if there was a viable road which didn't involve a season learning a spell, he'd rather go down that road. I guess a linked trigger keyed to a mental reading effect can work... but I was hoping there were other ways of doing it.

Linked-Trigger to mind reading still won't pull off a Fast-Cast effect. I know of no canonically valid ways for an item to fast-cast an effect. You might house-rule something, but that's the territory you're in.

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I could certainly see a Verditius with Enchant Casting Tools doing Original Research to be able to put Fast Casting into an item, though.


While it would be a HR, allowing Fast Trigger to be used as a Fast Casting does work.

Even without using it as Fast Casting, it can still be used to defend against hostile spells or attacks if you beat their initiative total and the effect would serve as a defense. For example an item that conjures up a wall of stone for a round would render you safe from most attacks and spells with a lower initiative total.

The only way I could see to justify a fast casting is to link the casting to an Intellego spell that will detect a trigger mechanism. For example InCo to detect injury triggering healing, or InTe to detect an incoming weapon to cast a defensive spell or the like.