enchanted foods?

what kinds of enchanted foods would magi make?(other than what is in the books of course)

sweet cakes, spicy cakes, cakes that stay hot, cakes that stay cold, cakes that don't go stale, cream cakes that don't go off, baked alaska (hot on the outside cold inside) or Inverse Baked Alaska (iced on the outside, baked inside)...
(or much better - boxes that affect cakes!)

Ice Cream!

Food that doesn't make you fat, compact food that makes you well-fed but fit in small packages,...

Or, if you are on the standard Abe Misunderstanding and think that "Food" has special Magical Effects - anything the magus fancies - Hermetic Magic is powerful and widely applicable and can create most effects in any shape or form the magus desires.
We've been here before...

I would think "meal pills" would be very popular. They won't go bad, take no room to store at all, perfect for traveling.

And Abe please remind that when you talk of "making" food that it requires vis to make the food nourishing...

And besides all the different effects mentioned you could also make poisoned food...

It does?! :open_mouth:

oops? :blush:

Oh, well... the thought was good anyway, those beggars'll die happy at elast :laughing:

thanks for the input(I was thinking of any odd powers you might get from the food though)

Vis free CrHe and CrAn products are very slimming though. :smiling_imp:

Plus you can take relatively unpalatable or bland foods and Muto them into a tasty alternative.
(transform tapioca into roast pork say)
(No Vis required)

Throw in some Terram and even grinded marble might taste dandy...! That would also leave you with the odd effects Abe was looking for... Like a rather severe intestine problem..

Well those nummy meals full of powdered glass are much easier to eat if you transform the glass into saffron for Duration : Dinner :smiling_imp:

you mean like "Nutrition" (keeps you alive)? Or even "non-nutrition" (food made without Vis) which is a Slimming Aid - very Un-Mediaeval, but it works, if it doesn't starve you to death.

Or are you yet again harping on, DND style, assuming that because something is created in some particular fashion it gains wierd powers over and above what the magus enchanted into it?

NO,NO, NO,NO,NO - this is Ars Magica. You do not get DND style "magic items". Your magus gets what he/she enchants into the device. period. End. Work it out from the lab rules, and that's what you get.

Abe - this is a BASIC PRINCIPLE of the game - until you grasp this (and you show absolutely no sign of even trying to do so!) you will NEVER succeed in designing either spells or devices for Ars Magica.

If you could only put down your DND books, and your computer RPGs, and wipe your brain clean of them, and then re-read and learn from the Ars Magica book, you might do a great deal better.
Failing that, re-read the Ars Magica book, and mentally set aside your prior assumptions. Confine your attention closely to what is in the book, and use that.

I was thinking of odd meadevil forms & bonuses from food!

Depends on the humor they are associated with.

Didn't Cause and Cure have a table? I seem to remember it had one for humors, but I don't remember it having a Shape & Form bonus table.

Why would enchanting food require Vis?
:confused: :confused: :confused:

You can make potions without Vis...
So taking a loaf of Bread and enchanting it shouldn't

Apparently making nourishing foodstuffs need vis... Not the enchanting of already excisting lumps'a food. Well, unless ya plan on making a magical item.

:confused: Carrot-cake of levitation? :open_mouth:

What about Levant-cake of Carrotation. :confused:

I am not to sure what the food for the four humors are,please alaborate.

Please allow me to alaborate the four humors:

Break things down to an unintelligible paste.

Take ideas already invented and detailed for other games and force them into Ars Magica

Take ideas already invented and detailed for other games and pretend they were invented for Ars Magica

Discuss various ideas in a manner that resembles unintelligible paste.

These are the four humors, and they keep me coming back for more. :smiling_imp:

look for the Ars supplement "Cause and Cure" if you need the four humours in relation to food translated to Ars Magica.

I know you say you can't afford buying any Ars-books, but you certainly seem to have been able to afford plenty of D&D so maybe it's time to buy something from Atlas. Which would also spare you the tremendous time you (and the rest of us sorry bastards :imp: ) use on translating those books to Ars... And it's even less silly...

Hell - some of that time might even be used saving money for more Ars books... See - it all makes sense...! :laughing:

No - sorry, not the enchanting itself. I was referring to Abe's use of the phrase of "making food" and while a magus perfectly well could enchant away - if he intends to use Creo to conjure food (with whatever other strange qualities) vis would be required if the food should have any nourishing value - it simply wouldn't feed you (except for your taste) due to the Limit of Creation (and maybe on another note the Limit of Energy). Sorry for my vagueness earlier.

And of course you can make potions without vis - but you actual don't "make" them in the sense of using Creo conjuring them out of nowhere.