Enchanting a Familiar: InAn & InCo

Among the listed suggestions for empowering the bond between a Familiar and Mage with additional spell effects (p 105) is the following:Location:
The base level to find the partner is 3, which needs to be increase by one magnitude, to 4, for Touch range. This is Intellego Corpus to find the maga, and Intellego Animal to find the familiar.
Now, with only a Level 4 effect, that leaves a LOT of room in an average InCo or InAn Lab Total to design an additional effect... so long as it affects the bond between that mage and her familiar.

What InAn or InCo effects can you suggest to fill this void? I can come up with a few, but was wondering what solutions others had found.

I never bothered with that effect, just did the mental comunication. If he's awake and not with me he can say where he is, if asleep me yelling in his head will wake him upfor the same result. If I get no answer I leap to his location ready to kill everything.

...which you know from... what again? :smiling_imp:

Well, you have an automatic Arcane Connection to your familiar, so you just need Arcane range.

Agreed. If she isn't answering, someone is going to be hurting.

Additional effects...
What is the state of health.
This is good during those times where things are flying about and you might not be sure...
What is wrong with you...
Ie poison, disease, injury... etc

We interpreted the Leap of Homecoming differently:

"Transports you to any place to which you have an arcane connection." (ArM5 - 135)

We ruled it was the same magnitude to use an arcane connection to an object to appear beside the object. We added a magnitude to be able to do either.

As for the original question, how about the InCo spell Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh done with InAn? The InCo base is 5, so +1 for Touch gives a level 10 effect. That will probably fit in the same season as the other effect.


Aren't Arcane Connections to places actually Arcane Connections to objects at that place anyway?

For example, an Arcane Connection to a castle might be a stone from the walls. An Arcane Connection to a forest might be an acorn from a tree in the forest, etc. A Leap of Homecoming based on these isn't going to cause the magus to appear inside the wall or inside the tree?

It's difficult for me to think of examples of Arcane Connections to places, that are not actually Arcane Connections to objects at that place?

I don't believe that's what Callen was suggesting - it was the Spell Effect, not the definition of Arcane Connection that he said his group was interpreting.

If you have a drop of blood from an animal or human (or an innate Arcane Connection, as for a familiar), that could easily be interpreted that where ever they are ~is~ a place.

Or, not. Neither interpretation is clearly "wrong", but just because the ReCo guidelines don't, specifically, list a Base Level to "Transport to a location next to a creature to which you have an Arcane Connection" certainly doesn't mean it can't be done. Whether or not that requires a different spell than listed is a matter of Troupe decision (tho' I'd suggest a Base 35 spell should have some little latitude.)

I understand all that, but my point is that for the ReCo guideline which Leap of Homecoming is based on "Transport the target instantly to a place you have an Arcane Connection to." to function it must already, actually mean "Transport the target next to an object you have an Arcane Connection to".

This is because Arcane Connections to places are really Arcane Connections to objects at a place.

If it didn't function in this way, a Leaping magus would arrive inside objects.

Ah, my bad. Hmmm, yeah, that does undermine arguing for a distinction. The counter-argument would have to revolve around an AC from a "movable" object not being the same as for a fixed object, altho', in the end, anything is movable. Or, then, somehow, could you define the AC as from the whole rather than the part, from your Lab, not that one flagstone in your lab. Or is it impossible to get an AC to a "place", but only to a "thing currently at a certain location"?

So- if you took your AC connection, a pinch of soil, from a garden, and then there was landscaping and that area of soil got buried... what would happen? If from a stone wall, or a splinter from a board in a boat, and that small portion, that one stone or board, was damaged and replaced, would you then transport to the new location of that specific stone/board, or can an AC be to a larger "whole"? Would it depend on how the AC was "fixed" in the lab?

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Yeah, the one "know the health of the Other" pair was the one that I came up with- pretty obvious. I was hoping for something else, that I hadn't flashed on, but if that's it, that's it.