Enchanting a number of items to act as one

Hi all. A question that I'm not sure has been covered. If a mage wanted to enchant a group of items and have them function as if a single device, is this possible?

For instance, enchanting a chess set (with all its pieces), or a set of dice, or some bones for casting bones.

Do you just ignore that its physically multiple items and just treat it as a single item (i.e. chess set rather than 32 pieces and a board)?

I would just ignore it, except that I would not allow it to work if all pieces are not present. Otherwise you cannot really enchant a suit of armor, for instance.

If you're asking on the off chance for the next year, the answer is "If it can be classed as a single object with multiple components." then it can be enchanted.

A suit of armour is valid. A chess set is valid. A set of cutlery is valid.

I hadn't even thought of the example of a suit of armour. Excellent. And yes BlackLiger, its for your game :slight_smile:

The above all seem valid.

Another way of doing it that could save vis is to enchant one item/part and have the enchantment use the group target. This could result in vis savings if it is a Greater Enchanted Item (smaller item=less vis which may be good or bad), and could be used with any appropriate set of knives, suit of armor, etc.

That would work great if the effect was to work on the item, not so well if the item creating an effect external to itself.