Enchanting Living Things

Going off on a bit a tangent, It appears it is possible to make a plant into a Familiar, ala https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/familiar-plants/11298/1.
And https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/living-talismans/8309/1 suggests it is possible to turn a living plant into a Talisman. Though I understand that the Magi of Hermes book is not universally accepted as fully canon compatible.

Still, assuming that it is possible to turn a plant into either a Talisman or a Familiar, I keep wondering about turning a full grown tree (eg Oak) into either a Talisman or a Familiar.
Naturally this needs to be done in a laboratory, which means either moving the tree into the laboratory, or building a laboratory around the tree.
But if you manage to do that, just imagine the effects that you could enchant into the tree Familiar/Talisman - Free the Standing Tree ReHe30, and/or Stir the Slumbering Tree MuHe(Me) 25.

If the "Lord of the Rings" books have taught us anything, you want an Ent on your side during a Wizard War.

While re-reading "Guardians of the Forest", I noticed that in the section on treed of the forest, it mentions that if you enchant a whole tree, the shape & material bonuses are tripled. Therefore, the authors of GotF thought enchanting trees was acceptable.

Now, to create a Herbam specialist who rides around on his enchanted tree. Maybe have a very small lab in a treehouse to go with it?

He's in Magi of Hermes, isn't he?