Enchantment targeting specifics items in a Structure


I would like to bring a definitive answer to lighting in our covenant, using enchantment (in our saga, we banned circles as a cheap way to replace enchantments).
Of cource, we could build several items each of them able to act as a source of light, and place them in every rooms.
We actually did that, partially, but this solution is only half satisfying.

What we would like is an enchanted item that could bring light to the whole structure, and yet allow a fine control room by room (for example: we want to be able to shut down the light in a bedroom before to sleep).

Therefore, we considered an enchantment which would make all the lamps in the structure to create light. Then, the lamps could be moved freely, or covered, depending on the needs of the convenfolks and magi.
The enchantment could be as such (let's say we enchant a statue of Helios, which would be positionned within the building of the covenant):
Cr Ig 4 (light as a cloudy day), +1 Touch, +3 Structure, +2 Sun, +1 lvl 2 uses per day, +3 lvl environmental trigger), for a final effect Cr Ig lvl 34.

Is it legit? I'm uncertain about the "make all the lamps and only lamps within the target to create light".

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

You can't create something inside something with structure or room, but you can use Group +2 and maybe adding size. You could instead make the candles light with Structure Objective.

Sorry,i don't understand very well what you mean. Moreover, for a target Group, shouldn't it be all in the same room as the enchantment? Also, what do you mean with "Structure Objective"?

I think he means Target: Structure.

How you define the spell is important. For example, if you define the spell as causing "all the brass spheres in a building to shed light", then Structure is a perfectly valid target. If you want less light, you put your brass spheres in a box or under a shade or behind a shutter, problem solved.

Yes, that's actually what i wanna do (except i had "lamps" in mind instead of "brass sphere" but whatever). And indeed, the plan is to put the lamp under a shade if we want some obscurity.
So, with a spell designed as such, the enchantment seems legit?