End of Carnac Saga :)

Salve Sodales!

The Carnac saga is no more. this weekend we had the final session of the saga and decided to fold it. Our last session saw us finally join the final hunt for Davnalleus and face his forces in pitched battle in the Scottish Highlands. The battle, known in hermetic history as the Loch Ness battle saw the reformed Praeses Septentrionalis and a contingent of allies from the continent and the rest of the Brish Isles face their archenemy and his allies.

The praeses forces were badly mauled, with people like Philippus Niger and Caithlin ex merinita die in the struggle, but they managed to smite Davnalleus and put the remains of his forces on flight.

The Carnac Covenant, the forerunners of the conflict and the architects of the reformed praeses were there in full. 2 of their mages (Armand of Jerbiton and Wolf ex Miscellanea) died in the struggle and the other 2 were badly mauled (Gladius ex Flambeau losing an arm) but they managed to achieve their goals and hold the Davnalleus' reinforcements at bay together with the magi of Lumen Borealis (lousy latin, I know) while the main conflict was resolved.

Davnalleus was cremated and put under heavy guard. He himself was used to find his Eternal Soul and track it down. The Ruby stone that contained it was smiten and so Davnalleus was no more.

Vae Victis!

With that we end the Carnac saga. it has been a cool saga for us, centered around the return of Davnalleus and his slow but relentless accumulation of power (playing both cat and mouse in turns with the PCs and their allies), with the OoH refusing to believe he was on the move again until it was too late and massive conflict was inevitable.

We are unlikely to start an Ars magica campaign in brief (we will be moving to other gaming universes), but we are well satisfied with this saga. Much more action oriented than our previous ones. :slight_smile: Just wanted to share this information with you all :slight_smile:




Congratulations on a saga that has ended because it had told its story!

I'm curious as to how this saga was more action oriented, and how to bring that about in my own saga. Can you describe for me how you went about this?


we have had sagas that developed around investigation, growing the covenant and stuff like that.

This saga started with the characters going out to investigate Carnac and its shifting Magical/Infernal aura. They were interested in this. Instead of a few stories regarding regiones et al, what they did get was a whole war :smiling_imp: Davnalleus was slowly introduced into the setting, and by mid-saga we were in a full fledged running war with Davnalleus and his followers. So, the concrete adventures were not all combat-oriented, but the background of the saga for the PCs was a war situation. They were at war. All their efforts were directed towards attack, retaliation, contingency plans and defence. They also had quite a few battles with followers of Davnalleus 8and a few encounters with him, that tended to end with us escaping as fast as we could :laughing: ... for some weird reason the beta SG liked to throw my monster at me... one wonders why :open_mouth: :laughing: ).

All this ended up meaning that all the efforts were directed towards exploratory expeditions, combat, making alliances and grand speeches at tribunals to ensure support for the war effort and gathering information and resources to defeat the foe. And he was doing the same. That meant combat at least once per month for us. other sagas had combat encounter being much more sparse than that. Even our bonisagus Vim lab rat and the social jerbiton ended up developing some heavy artillery spells. The situation demanded it. And certainly our grogs has some preference for heavy armour soon enough!

Does that answer your question? :slight_smile:



I'm playng in a saga where our enemy is a maga who became a follower of Davnalleus. She was the character of another player and now is a foe in the hands of our SG.

She is now more demon than human and has the form of a great spider with his original torso. Not a beautiful thing to see.... and to meet :open_mouth:

So... maybe our saga too will end like yours.

Davnalleus is fascinating as enemy


Oh, quite a few hermetics were in the enemy camp. In a sense it was quite a Roman vs Non Roman conflict when you look at the thing. Renounced, granted, but most magi in the Davie camp were from non hermetic houses.

But of course, our davnalleus is not demonic per se. Makes for a much more interesting opponent if your characters have to decide if he is simply saying "leave me alone" and fighting back the imperialist tendencies of the OoH instead of "I will smite thy souls!" and going for dinner with Satan. :wink:

In the end, they did not solve if he was demonic or not :stuck_out_tongue: And I am not gonna tell them 8)