Enduring Constitution/Overtime, plus aspergical virtues

Just a quick 'un:

Should the Enduring Constitution virtue reduce the effect of Overtime lab routines by one level (and not effect the minus on living conditions, poor wound recovery, etc)?

Trying to see if it's a worthwhile virtue for a magus who's useless as spontaneous magic, a dab hand at lab work, and prone to the odd bit of hiking/tireless problem solving.



Don't see any reason why it would not reduce the fatigue penalty by one point.

How many virtues do you want to spend on this?
If you take Greater Immunity: Deprivation from RoP: Magic ,
all you probably get is the Warping Points and no extra Aging rolls.

You could ask about a virtue similar to Reserves of Strength on page 48.
Call it Reserves of Fortitude ,
giving you a +03 bonus on your Stamina score , once per day.

Maybe you could bodgy up a case for a Lesser Immunity , e.g. Sleep Deprivation.

Medical Theriacs from Art & Academe , if you can afford them , could help.

You could create a magic item , with an environmental trigger , Magus feels hunger/thirst ,
to Rego food & drink directly to your stomach , thus negating the Living Conditions penalties.
Put enough food & drink for the season inside.
There are Creo spells to preserve , so it will always be fresh.

Thanks for the thoughts, Ravenscroft.

I don't want to use too many virtues for it, it's more an additional quality for a very task-focused, uncommunicative, obsessive magus (he'd be put squarely on the Aspergical scale these days...). It's a question of finding something that captures the positive aspect of that mentality.

I'll definitely have a think about the Lesser Immunity idea.

A slightly diferent consideration is Puissant Concentration (always able to return to an interrupted task), but I wonder if that would be used much during lab work seasons... and he'd not be utilising the Spell concentration too often, as he's a Verditius.