Enduring Constitution

It basically reduces the penalty from wounds by one point. Now, I had presumed that it was applied to each individual wound, but one of my players says the wording suggest it only lowers the total summ of wound penalties by one point. If that were the case, it would be a pretty lame virtue to take. I really think the intent is "per wound", but I am nowhere near my books at the moment. Does anyone else have any insight or opinions (I know you all have opinions :stuck_out_tongue:) :laughing:

"reduce your total penalty from wound by one point"

I'm guessing they got stuck between too strong and too weak. A 1-point reduction to each wound penalty is roughly equivalent to Large's bonus from size (much better at the low end, no better at the high end). However, Enduring Constitution also reduces the penalty from Fatigue and gives +3 to rolls for resisting pain. That would be way too much extra for a minor virtue that also provides a 1-point reduction per wound. I think the way they went ("reduce your total penalty from wounds by one point") keeps it more in line with the other minor virtues; however, it ends up in line with the other weak minor virtues in my mind. I wouldn't call it "lame" because that reduction in Fatigue penalty is pretty nice, but I certainly wouldn't consider it a strong minor virtue.


1 pt per wound would basically totally negate light wounds ever causing problems. they could get 100 light wounds and still not be impaired. THat is way too powerful for a minor virtue.

-1 to total wounds means ignoring 1 light wound or reducing a medium or heavy.
-1 to fatigue means first two fatigue levels used are no penalty (In your game Marko, means your big ogres can get the +11 to attack one round, +11 to defense the next and not be impaired for fatigue)

Then you add +3 to resist pain which is another perk. Together that is worth a minor virtue.

Yeah, but you can take "Endurance of the Berserkers" as a Minor Virtue (Personal Power can be taken as a Quality or as a Virtue, and the power can be designed for constant effect at 25 levels, the number of levels provided by said virtue).
So, for the same cost, I could have no penalties from any wounds or fatige, no matter how much I accumulate.
Not convinced by your reasoning. I personally feel it works better the waay I mistakenly interpreted it. But they rules say what they say, and I shall comply :wink:

Large has this scale reduction, just not to Light Wounds. Compare the following

1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21+
1-6, 7-12, 13-18, 19-24, 25+

Large reduces the penalty from all 6's by 2.
Large reduces the penalty from all 11's and 12's by 2.
Large reduces the penalty from 16's, 17's, and 18's from incapacitation to -5.
Large reduces the penalty from 21's, 22's, 23's, and 24's from death to incapacitation.

Let's start just by looking at 1-15. Three of the fifteen possibilities give a 2-point reduction. That's an average of a 0.4-point reduction. And that's only 30% of Large's effect. (I don't know how to better put those incapacitation and death parts into this at the moment). Using that would push Large's reduction to 1.333 points. However, the lower rolls are probably a lot more common. If I apply multipliers of 4, 3, 2, and 1 to the reduction groupings as an estimate to take this into account, then I get the 0.4-point reduction is 50% of Large's effect. That would make Large's reduction 0.7 points.

Thus I would say Large's reduction hovers somewhere in the area of 0.7 to 1.333 points of reduction per wound. However, Large doesn't have those extra other effects, too.

Raising Stamina has a similar effect, but the spread is more even and affects fewer numbers. But Stamina also gives bonuses elsewhere. That I rate those other areas (like spell-casting) highly enough is why I would prefer +1 Stamina over Enduring Constitution.


For the threshold actual roles, large reduces damage but it doesn't totally negate wounds. Even if you get light instead of medium (the damage was exactly 6), it is still a wound and wound penalties still add up. -1 to all wound means someone does 10 hits doing 1-5 pts after soak. The large person is -10, the enduring constitition is 0 penalties if you apply it to every wound. Assume that you have 4 wounds of 7 damage after soak, the Large is -12 while the enduring constition is -8.

Now lets make is mroe likely with dice rolls: 4 wounds after soak totals of 3, 4, 6, and 8. Your normal person is -8 in wounds, Large person is -6 and that enduring con person is would be -3 is you applied it to every wound. larges helps but not so much on your low damages but meaning you take heavy and incap wounds rather than lethal on the big damage blows. 21 damage hit kills a normal person, only incap wound for large person. 18 damage is heavy wound (you can still run) vs incap on normal size person. Slight changes. This is on par with -1 to fatigue, -1 to total wound penaltiy (so first light wound is no penalty at all) and bonus to resist pain.