Enduring Magic Question

Enduring Magic says the ST rolls a die in secret. Meaning the player and the character both don't know what the final duration will be.

But CAN they know? It seems I should be able to cast an InVi spell to be able to discover how long a spell will last.

If I were to write it I think it would be the basic detect magic guidelines based on magnitude plus 2 magnitudes to determine when it will expire (I figure 1 magnitude would be able to read what duration setting it was designed at.)

Am I being to harsh/lenient? Should it forever remain a mystery by virtue of the Virtue?

I don’t see anything wrong with a player investing spells to better comprehend their own Hermetic virtue.

I agree. With all the other stuff players/characters do to push the limits of magic, I don't see why you couldn't invent spells to peek inside the limits of your other spells to determine duration.

With that said, why not just come up with a breakthrough to take the die roll out of the SG's hands and put it into your own, thereby granting you the ability to know duration all the time without a separate spell?

A breakthrough is decades of in-character work, an InVi spell is pretty simple.

I can see that it would take time, and the InVi spell is an easier workaround. But decades?


Breakthroughs are expensive in time, and they involve experimentation, which can destroy your lab.

For many characters, worth avoiding.

(For me, the real culprit is the virtue itself, adding a die roll. I think it would have been much better as Duration * pick_one( MagicTheory, Philosophiae, AL). Much more interesting and empowering.)



I've never played out a breakthrough in-game and writing from memory (which isn't a strength), however the timeframes implied by the books for even a minor breakthrough is a decade, a major is a lot more, and a magus might only achieve a hermetic breakthrough once. The rolls needed, and the seasons expended imply to me that 1-2 decades is a reasonable timeframe for a minor breakthrough given the character will also be a character in the game.
Take it all with a grain of salt.