Errata Error: Muto Vim

Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but...

The new Muto Vim spell duration errata is very cool!

However, according to the page this only applies to the 2nd printing. The errata for the first printing still lists the old errata (MuVi spell duration must match target spell duration).

Just FYI.

It's supposed that all erratas on 2nd Printing change the First.

Yes, MarioJPC is right. The change came from a forum discussion a little while ago.


I really dislike the Errata list... has anybody put it into a pdf yet?

Me but... if do you want it, here. ... _edit.html
One thing, there are two more to this: 1st that the called Sympathy Range from one faery spell is Symbol really. 2nd that the Erratas list before had an errata forgeting one, taht the ilderness Sense was on one list of Favoerd Abilities of Muspelli for one Jotun.