Erratas, Edge Cases, and Unanswered questions.

With Atlus' renewed interest in Ars Magica, are there any questions or issues you guys would wish would be answered or resolved?
Questions like if increasing the size of the Aegis of Hearth requires a breakthrough, when do the changes to Strength and quickness apply when changing sizes, etc...
These are just questions that I remembered being unanswered, sorry if am forgetting something important.

Oh plenty, but off the top of my head...

Can Magical Creatures (or any creatures with Might for that matter) choose to accept a benevolent magical effect? Effectively lower their Magic Resistance for a certain effect that they are aware of. Merinita Faerie Familiar Ritual and Goetic Arts are two examples where this question comes up.

Certain Hedge Magic traditions with Supernatural Abilities have access to Virtues that increase the Vis Study totals (Free Study and Study Bonus). Most notably Folk Witches and Muspelli. Is this intentional or an error? Can anyone with the understanding of vis study it to improve their Supernatural Abilities?

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