Errors, typos and inconsistencies in FS2 V1.1

I'd like to collect errors, typos and inconsistencies in the current V1.1 pdf for a future V1.2 and errata for the print version that is based on 1.1.

I will update this post with new findings.

  • p2 Index misses Big Bruiser
  • p3 Kickstarter Backers start on p335
  • p24 "When you gain an advancement, consult your archetype’s advancement track, below, for the range of choices available to you." The advancement tracks aren't below anmore, they are "on your archetype sheet".
  • p26f "Add a skill you do not have from this list, at a rating of X" Characters get new skills at a rating between 9 and 11. When an Archer and a Big Bruiser both learn Driving, why does the Bruiser have to be two points less competent than the Archer?
  • p26 and several other advancement tracks: The "Draw a bead" gun schtick is not in the Book. If it is the same as Eagle Eye, replace and check Archer and Bandit, who have both on their advancement track; remove draw a bead from masked avenger's advancement track, as he has eagle eye as a starting schtick.
  • p26 and several other advancement tracks: The "Opportunistic Fire" gun schtick seems to have been turned into a special fight rule (p125) available to everybody. It should be removed from all advancement tracks.
  • p27 The Way the Wind blows: Text is not the same as in the guns chapter (p127).
  • p27 Soul of the Sniper is a Gun schtick, not a core schtick.
  • p45 For the Squad: Text is not the same as in the guns chapter (p125).
  • p59 Karate Cop's Wealth Level "Rich" should be working stiff.
  • p65 Martial Artist's Wealth Level "Rich" should be poor or working stiff.
  • p73 Old Master's Wealth Level "Rich" schould be poor.
  • p86 Supernatural Creature starts with no schticks and has none on its advancement path, yet it can "Increase a skill value from less than 12 to 12." and raise it if it is already 12+. Either remove those two lines or give it some skills to learn.
  • p103 the second paragraph shold stat with "If yout take an extra-long action that..."
  • p102 The "large version of the Shot Counter" is on p340, not on p348.
  • p106 Up Check difficulty needs clarification. The text says 5 and uses that for the first example. The second example and the table on p334 state a difficulty of 7.
  • p107 Partial recovery needs a clarification, when Toughness returns to normal. At the end of the fight, at the end of the session or at the end of the episode?
  • p106f Marks of Death need clarification. What happens to them if you are healed and don't have to make the Death Check? Do they still pile up and make the next fight much more dangerous or are they gone?
  • p134 Thomson Center Arms Contender: Reload should be 7 according to p135, making it 12/3/7. Also, how long does it take to reload a target pistol?
  • p135 Beretta M12 and FN P90 should have a reload stat of 1 like the other SMGs and according to the magazine size-reload stat-table. FN P90 might have an increased reload time because of a slightly odd design (and to offset the increased damage)
  • p148 Chase example, corrections bolded: "You make a Driving Check against the lead mutant jalopy. You check your Driving of 13 against a Difficulty of 12, the Driving Value of the opposing Driver, Plugley. You roll a Swerve of 1, for a result of 14 which beats Plugley’s Driving for an Outcome of 2. Adding this to your Squeal of 10, and subtracting Plugley’s Handling of 6, you deal 6 Chase Points to Plugley."
  • p149 Impairment from Chase points needs a clarification that Impairment from other sources than Wounds and Chase points still does stack.
  • p177 & p182 Shell 1 and Shell 2 have different shot costs for Crab and Tortoise is this intended?
  • p184 Brain Bleed needs a Damage Value (like Push, p185) or a clarification that it deals no damage.
  • p187 Typo: Adrenal Boy-Howdy ; "subdermal adrenaline injectors give your nervouis system..."
  • p189 Reflex Ramper: How long does the additional Impairment last? Until the end of the fight, the end of the session or the end of the episode?
  • p189 Seeker Missle: Does this allow you to make ranged scroungetech attacks on any character (like Laser Goggles) or just mooks or just a single mook? If you can attack featured foes, what is its damage value? Is the expenditure of a Fortune Point for the extra effect optional or mandatory if the attack is successful?
  • p189 Typo: Subdermal Plating: There is a blank missing between 7 and Toughness.
  • p189 Vampire Rounds: Do multiple uses ofthis schtick stack?
  • p334 Up Check difficulty needs clarification, see p106
    [more to come...]

Thanks to Sanjuro Tokage, braincraft, DJShirow, Hatu,Code Ronin and Athanor!

[edit] Whoops, that was for version 1.0. Downloading version 1.1 now... not sure when I'll be able to give it a thorough read-through.

Where are you downloading v1.1 from?


If you are a backer, you can download an updated pdf at DriveThru RPG.
If you aren't a backer, you can buy the pdf at DriveThru RPG or at Warehouse 23.

I would callout on the Martial Artist Archetype the Wealth level is set at rich, should be poor plus the larger juncture image should be Ancient rather than Contemporary (minor cosmetic change, not going to alter the gameplay)

The Supernatural Creature has no new skills to buy from advancements yet has the advancement to up a skill to 12 or advance a skill +1 from 12

A lot of schticks use language like "make a Scroungetech attack against a mook" or "make a ranged Mutant attack as a standard action" without specifying whether the schtick effect is in addition to a standard attack that inflicts Smackdown or instead. If the former, what is the damage value used? Do you need to already be able to make attacks with those skills as a prerequisite?

There is no listed way of losing Marks of Death other than making a Death Check. Healing obviates the Death Check. Does that mean healing also removes Marks of Death, or do you just accumulate them if you keep getting healed?

I added the part about death checks & healing and brain bleed & damage values.
Could you please specify the other schticks that are not clear in that regard? I found Seeker missile ("make a ranged scroungetech attack on a mook"), but I don't think that we need to worry about smackdown for that as you attack mooks. (now that I think about it, I added it to clarify if it also allows you make ranged scroungetech attacks like laser goggles of if you can actually only attack mooks or a single mook). Any other schticks?

Concerning your last question, as the only characters able to use these schticks either already have the required attacks (Gene Freak and Cyborg) or have a rule for that case (Full Metal Nutball, Highway Ronin), I don't think that we need an official clarification on that, as you are already house ruling if you make these available to other archetypes.

Hello all, i'm a french fan of Feng Shui

Some errors in FS2 v1.1

Thomson Center Arms Contender
Game stats 12/3/7

P.182 Tortoise
Shell I
"spend 1 Chi and 3 shots not 2"
Shell II
"spend 1 Chi and 2 shots not 1"

And some questions :
target Pistol
Number of shots to reload ? Like a shotgun ?

"Schticks for animal forms other than the dragon... because the Transformed Dragon can use them"
he can use them only if a player is a transformed animal ?

Brain Bleed
Damage of the ranged Mutant attack ? 7 ?

Thank for your help

Gun Stats (pg. 135)
Beretta M12 10/5/6
The Beretta M12 typically takes 20, 30 or 40 round magazines, thus according to the Reload Value table it should have a Reload stat of 1 or 2.

FN P90 13/5/6
Same story here, the P90 has a 50 round magazine, so it should definitely have a Reload value of 1. The magazine is a slightly odd design, so a picky GM may want to give a shot cost of 4 to change it out, rather than the typical 3.

Driving Check Example (Page 148)
The example at the top of the page states the result total is 13. Since your driving is 13 and your Swerve result was 1, the result total should be 14; the final outcome is 14-12 = 2. Then adding 10 Squeal (10+2) minus Plugley's Handling of 6 yields a total of 6 Chase Points to Plugley.

Thanks for your input, Athanor!
I added the Target pistol. But I gave questions yout your other findings:

How do you know, that the reduction by 1 shot isn't an intended change?

Only the Transformed Dragon and Transformed Crab archetypes have access to Transformed Animal schticks, so I don't think any clarification is needed. Unless you are referring to something else.

The base difficulty of an Up Check is unclear. Page 106 defines Up Checks as a Difficulty 5 Toughness Check. But the Character Wound Threshold table on page 334 defines an Up Check as a Difficulty 7 Toughness check. To further the confusion, the example of Up Checks shown on page 106 is uses both difficulties at different points.

The example character makes 2 Up Checks during the example. In the first case, the difficulty is explicitly stated to be difficulty 5, and the character has a Toughness of 7; he rolls a +3 Swerve for a result of 10 and a success. But in the second case, the character rolls a -1 Swerve, for a result of 4 and a failure by 3; that would imply a Toughness of 5 and a difficulty of 7.

So, what is the correct difficulty for Up Checks?


Here are some more questions.

First, the Partial Recovery rule on page 107 allows a character to reduce their Toughness by 1 to heal down to 10 Wound Points and recover half their spent Fortune (et al) dice. The rules never specify if the point of Toughness comes back at any point. Personally, I'd say the Toughness should reset at the start of the next session (when the character would normally heal and regain Fortune), but is that correct?

Second, does Impairment stack? The rules on page 104 say Impairment from Wound Points can't exceed 2. Page 149 says Wound plus Chase Points still cap at 2. But page 104 does note that "other factors" can also cause Impairment. So if a character had 2 Impairment from Wound Points and another point from an enemy schtick (such as the Key Jiangshi Contagion schtick), would he be at -2 or -3 Impairment?

Third, the Reflex Ramper Scrougnetech Schtick on page 189 says "When an attack misses, take 1 Impairment to make a new attack on the same target as an interrupt." How long does that point of Impairment last? (Granted, no one can legally take this schtick, but we might as well know how it would work.)

Also, something that could use clarification. On page 101, it says that actions with a shot cost of up to 3 shots may be used on shots 2 and 1 without penalty, but actions with a higher cost will carry over. But the Extra-Long Actions section on page 102-103, which explains this mechanic in detail, is more confusing. It starts by saying some actions take longer than 3 shots, but the actual rule is presented as:

"If you take an action that costs more shots than are left in the current sequence, the remaining shots are subtracted from your Initiative result for the following sequence."

I'd recommend changing that to specify it only applies to actions with a 4+ shot cost. Either add words to that effect to the sentence above, or explicitly define actions which cost 4+ shots as "extra-long actions" in the first paragraph and then change the sentence to say "If you take an extra-long action that costs..."


I thank you for your response Ahdiomer !

I don’t know, the schticks have the same name, and in FS1 Turtle and Crab have the same power.
But I don't have any certainty.

I just read "awesoming up" P.94 and i understand this note :blush:

Thanks, now I understand! Added to the list.

Several archetypes list Draw a Bead and Opportunistic Fire as schticks they can take via advancement, but they don't appear anywhere in the book.

p59 : I think the Karate Cop Wealth level should be Working Stiff, just like the maverick cop, and just like Feng Shui 1.

The Martial Artist is listed with a Rich wealth level; quite a change from Poor in the old game.


Yes it's been flagged as a likely error too, that's why I suggested the karate cop as a similar oversight.

p187 in Adrenal Boy-Howdy ; "subdermal adrenaline injectors give your nervouis system..."

The Highway Ronin's "Dazed and Contused" (p 57) doesn't match the version in the Driving Chapter (p154):
page 57:
Characters getting out of a vehicle you have just rammed add +3 to the shot cost of their subsequent actions, and take 1 point of Impairment until the end of the sequence.
page 154:
Until next keyframe, enemies getting out of a crashed vehicle you at any point rammed or sideswiped take 1 point of Impairment and add 1 to all shot costs.

The Ghost's "Damage Immunity: Bullets" (p 55) is signature schtick, not a creature schtick, because "Damage Immunity" is not in the Creature Powers section.

The Supernatural Creature's "Gruesome appearance" (p87) is not the same as "Horrific Appearance" (p. 170) and so should either be a signature schtick or the base archetype should have an Intimidation skill value which "Horrific Appearance" adds to normally.

The Supernatural Creature's "Natural Weapon" (p87) does not match "Natural Weapon" in the creature powers section (p 173). It's +2 value, applied to base damage of 7, would be a 9, not 13. I suggest replacing the archetype's "Natural Weapon" with "Demonic Punch" which does 13 damage (for the first sequence.)

On p79, the Maverick Cop's Smith & Wesson has a damage rating of 8, which supposedly includes the bonus from Signature Weapon. Since Signature Weapon calls out the gun as a .357 Magnum, it should do 11 damage before the bonus. With the bonus, it should be 14.