Establishing Orphanages?

Good grief, can the flames stop and people talk about Orphans in Medieval Europe or just get out of the thread already?!

c.f Billy Joel, We Didn't Start the Fire.

Sorry to have to say this, my friend, but at this point you are adding fuel to it.

Well, true. But then in this matter, with regards to this particular individual calling me out publicly here, I don't really care. He has, as evidinced by his response to Tugdual, and in other places I can cite, a remarkable tendency to not be willing to say he was wrong until extraordinary effort is taken to get him to say it.

Just being willing to acknowledge an error would have kept me out of this. Where this individual is concerned, I have, I admit, a bit of a grudge.

Do you mean the error I acknowledged before you posted?
I apologized (before you began), Timothy has apologized, the only one stirring the pot here is you Johnathon, and as I said before, your instance on trying to cause emotional pain for your own amusement can only end in one of three ways- you decide to grow up, someone gets hurt enough to commit suicide and you wind up charged with cyberbullying, and sites which refuse to moderate you get sued, or someone is driven to homicide, and you put way to many of your personal details on the web for them not to find you.
In addition to which you are violating Wheaton's law, and blaming your victim for being too sensitive really doesn't cover you- after all if you set of firecrackers at a grocery store to scare people it is bad, if you set them off at the VA PTSD treatment center, their increased sensitivity just makes your actions worse.

Now, I believe where we are at indicates the preponderance of evidence shows that orphans are considered charity cases with little legal oversight which may be left at a church but might also be left running the streets as urchins and beggars, and any opposition to setting up an orphanage is likely to be informal and following the success of an orphanage causing economic problems for those who exploit homeless children, probably illegally. Is that where others see this or are there some points still up for discussion?

Allright, I'm a dick. Pot, kettle, black.

As a Moderator, with the responsibility that comes from having my name in blue, it is my duty to tell you guys to knock it off. Posts by you two have both been Flagged by other parties calling out for moderation. I am not going to delete or lock anything. Nor am I even going to bother reading to see what this is all about. I am just alerting you that you guys are causing discomfort for other forum members.
Which, being a free speech kind of guy, my own advice that person is to suck it up or ignore them. But I am not the only moderator. Another might actually lock this thread or delete/edit. So be warned. It looks ugly and is embarrassing. I myself was so out of line once that I was smacked down by the Red Letter guys! :mrgreen: