Eve ex Verditius

The thing I'm wondering is what parts of a mystery cult would violate tribunal rulings? Is there a reason she just can't practice the cult? She isn't going to be sacrificing virgins. Maybe seducing them, but murder would be a no-no. Or convincing them to write books.

Yeah, shipping out would likely include some sort of preface like "Don't be a jerk, the author made this seriously awesome book for free. Let people make copies of it to help spread this awesomeness through the whole Order. Written by Eve, best author in the Order." Definitely not for any organized payment. She wouldn't even bother to warn the Great Library.

Having the mystery cult is what bothers them. You say you will not be killing people and they just want that written down. So that if later, you make a script that the initiates must sacrifice a body part or such, they will come down on you. All within the residency agreement and legal under the Code. The Bjornaers and Criamon that are here leave the Tribunal to go and do Mystery things then come back. They do not practice their mystery rituals in the Tribunal.

FYI, there is a Verditius Archmagus living in the Tribunal named Zalmoxis. Expect him to want things from you occasionally. He is a LR specialist.

In that case perhaps she should take it out of the contract entirely ? Unless the Tribunal has a specific ruling against it, it's still allowed. Certainly there's no ruling against having fawning grogs, or indulging in private orgies ? Even if there is a ruling, Eve might buy some time by claiming it is part of her magical power (of course, the Tribunal is the judge of that, but she should at least be able to request a new ruling at the next Tribunal). Plus they'd have to catch her doing it first. But trying to put it in the contract is sort of a provocation.

Well, the contract will get drawn up, and I presume a Tremere is meeting with new people coming into the Tribunal, too. At some point, I'm sure the Mystery Cult question gets brought up. It might be asked discreetly to allow the person say yes, but not to describe the Cult fully.
I think it's fairly reasonable for the Tremere to have pretty full dossiers on each of us. They might suspect she's part of a cult, but not know which one.

Yeah, we can write down the basics of the restrictions. Lets see from the rites I've outlined earlier:

  • Writing about the cult, and teaching it to others are essential rites and therefore have the same protections as laboratory activities or magical study.
  • These teachings may be given the same level of secrecy as any other magical research or procedure.
  • Rites to increase power may be practiced, and have the same protection and restrictions as any other activity such as study, longevity rituals or spell invention.
  • Travel to sacred sites is essential to rites, as is uncovering of ancient lore. These processes may not violate existing rulings or claims, steal property belonging to others, or trespass, but are otherwise permitted.
  • Rites may not include those who are unwilling or compelled. Rites may not include sacrifice of any living creature. Animals for food must be slaughtered before hand.
  • Rites may not include mundanes. Covenfolk, magi, or magical creatures may be included.

None of these things should violate existing rulings.

I'm being told the Tremere don't like cults. Plus if they get ticked at her she can later point to: "I'm just engaging in these things that we already agreed to." If they yell at her for trying to acquire ultimate magical power she can say "Duh. I'm trying to acquire ultimate magic power. Isn't everyone. "

Spell time! 120 levels of spells using gauntlet stats. 140 levels of end Eve stats.

Gauntlet spells:
Duel of the Magi-ReVi 10
R: Arcane T: Individual D: Diam
As Opening the Intangible Tunnel except with a different duration.
Base 1+4 arcane+1 diam

Evil Eye-ReVi 10
R: Sight T: Individual D: Diam
As Opening the Intangible Tunnel at 15, except with different range and duration.
Base 1+3 sight + 1 diam

Angelic Gaze-PeVi 5
R: Sight T: Individual D: Mom
The target loses 4 infernal might.
Base 2 +3 sight

Iron Gaze-PeVi 5
R: Sight T: Individual D: Mom
The target loses 4 Faerie might.
Base 2 +3 sight

Banal Gaze-PeVi 5
R: Sight T: Individual D: Mom
The target loses 4 Magic might.
Base 2 +3 sight

Demonic Gaze-PeVi 5
R: Sight T: Individual D: Mom
The target loses 4 Divine might.
Base 2 +3 sight

R: Touch T: Room D: Mom
All affected subject in the room lose 3 infernal might.
Base 1 +1 touch +3 Room

The Spell of Wrought Iron-ReTe-15
The Phantom Blacksmith-ReTe-20

Rend the Earth-ReTe-20
Range: Voice Duration: Mon, Target: Part
Rapidly forces out a part of the earth leaving a crater behind, 12 paces across and 18 feet deep in the center. Those nearby may take damage, be buried, or be perfectly fine at the GM's option by the onrushing dirt.
Base 3+2 voice+1part+2 size
5 xp in spell mastery Multi-cast

Crystal Ballista -CrTe (re)-15
Requiste: Rego
R: Sight T: Ind D: Mom
Conjures a crystal dart from nothing and speeds off like an arrow at a target that is within Sight range. It does +10 damage, and always hits its target, although it must penetrate Magic Resistance to have any real effect. This spell strikes accurately every time and can be resisted.
Base 3+3 sight+1 rego requisite.
5 XP in spell mastery - multicast

The Candle of the Library-CrIg-5
R: Touch D: Ring T: Ind
Creates a light with but candle strength. Ideal for libraries or writing late at night.
Base 2+2 ring+1touch

Invoke the Pact of Pukis-ReVi-20
R: Arcane D:Mom, T: Ind
This targets the Daimon Pukis. The Daimon found in the appendix C of Mysteries (Revised)
Base 20

Invoke the Spirit of ReTe-30
R: Arcane D:Mom, T: Ind
See Mysteries revised. The general spell of Invoke the Spirit of (form). The spirits name is Smithy the 13th (Translated from 2nd century vulgar Latin). Might 30 mimics ReTe effects.
Base 30

Invoke the Spirit of CrTe-30
R: Arcane D:Mom, T: Ind
See Mysteries revised. The general spell of Invoke the Spirit of (form).
The spirits Name is Wall the 7th (Translated from Chinese), might 30 mimics CrTe effects.
Base 30

Thomas's Crystal Rain-CrTe-25
Range: Sight Duration: Mon, Target: Group
Creates a cloud of glass shards that immediately fall to the ground. They vanish almost immediately, but not before inflicting serious wounds on any unlucky enough to be caught in the rain of glass. The glass inflicts +10 damage, and any damaged leave blood on the ground. The rain is ten paces across. A quickness stress roll of 9 can reduce the damage to +0 if there is something to hide under, such as darting into a door or a heater shield. (Smaller shields generally aren't enough). Finally, the spell needs a few paces to fall to inflict full damage as it uses gravity for its motion, and it can be resisted.
Base 3+3 sight +2 group +1 size

Flight of the Magi-ReCo-25
R: Per D: Sun T: Ind
The maga flies quickly in any direction she so chooses. If concentration upon flight is broken the maga hovers in air, and she may refocus later. Note, failing concentration rolls when zipping along at high speeds can be very bad to do at ground level.
Base 15+2 sun

Only partway done.

Your Finesse is probably too low to use these spells reliably. Especially the Phantom Blacksmith, and you do have a Craft ability, anyway.

How does this spell give you a +6 to your aiming roll if used against an individual? And it appears to be suggesting that you can target multiple people, and not get a + to your aiming roll. I don't believe that's at all a reasonable premise.

So I understand it, this is a sight range variant of Wielding the Invisible Sling, and requires penetration, correct?

And those are ? Sorry if you've mentioned them before, but your character thread is up to 7 pages...

Some interesting questions there regarding the aiming roll for simultaneously throwing 10 stones at 10 different targets. The multicasting mastery suggests a -1 to the roll per target; so by analogy it would be -1 for throwing the 10 stones at the same target, -10 for throwing the 10 stones at 10 different targets, with ten aiming rolls functioning as 10 attack rolls. I guess it would make some sense to regroup the stones thrown at one target under one easier aiming roll, but in this case the damage would only be applied once...

Is that one aimed or does Magic Resistance protect against it ?

A little more detail, please ? Like this spells invoke the Daimon Pukis, using the Mystery of Hermetic Theurgy. Pukis' Might is 10, which is the minimum level of the spell, level 20 makes sure to get enough summoning points to get him the first time... And it is a ritual, Invoke the Pact of... spells are rituals.

So, which spirit do you get, what's his name, what's his Might ? Once the spell is learned, that spirit is fixed. Also, a very roundabout way of doing spontaneous magic in my opinion, but if you like it ...

Is that an Invoke the Pact or an Invoke the Spirit spell ? You do have to choose !

Canonical spells from Covenants, page 51.

Not true. Wrought iron can simply be cast a couple dozen times if we aren't stressed. (And I shouldn't be doing craft work under stress.) Only requires a 9. Not wholly reliable, but its on the order of 1 in several million.
Similar for phantom blacksmith. Its a simple, try, try again. You aren't destroying the raw materials so it can be cast over and over.
The advantage of these over standard crafting is how fast they are. Its a few minutes for a days worth of work.
I should initiate learns from mistakes finesse...

One, that's how group spells work. Multiple targets. Two, the bonus for finesse is pretty standard for spells with increased affect (like a group). I suppose I could make the spell hit them with a huge amount of raw earth instead if you feel that would fit better.


Whoops oversight.

Whoops copy past typo.

T: Group spells allow you to target multiple individuals the Form of the big "T" Target. In this case, your Target is the 10 stones (Terram) you're tossing at the single recipient, or small "t" target. I'm aware of no point under RAW where you can get a modification of +6 for Finesse for aiming 10 things at one person. Such a spell, regardless of the validity of the +6 aiming bonus, is an attempt to make an end-run around the aiming penalty for multiple casting spells which require aiming, and impose a penalty. If anything trying to aim 10 stones at one person should be more difficult than less difficult, and this is properly represented in the multiple casting spell mastery ability.

I think you misunderstand. Its one roll with a +6 for all at one person. Hitting someone I a lot easier with a machine gun. I suppose we could do 10 rolls with a -1 if we wanted but... I do see the point about the penalty for targets if we are firing at multiple people though.

You still haven't cited a source that throwing a T: Group bunch of rocks at one recipient gives you a +6 to your finesse roll all while each rock also does +5 damage. So this one magnitude increase in a spell makes hitting the individual vastly easier, and it also does more damage, or has the potential to inflict 10x damage.
You need to find the spot where it says you get a +6 Finesse bonus for doing what you propose. I don't think it exists, you say that's how it works. I'm assuming you say that's how it works because you think you saw it somewhere, but I'm not convinced. Such a bonus is a huge boost to aiming, in addition to the damage you can do.

I'm not saying each rock does +5 damage. The bonus to aiming is based off the standard aiming rules. Each increase in size adds a +6 to the aiming roll. A group is generally one size larger. Look how do you think ten rocks targeted at one person should be resolved? Using the standard multi-cast rules?

I'm asking for chapter and verse here. Where did you see it, because the context of that matters.
First, you haven't increased the size of the rocks, so size doesn't apply there. Secondly the size of the recipient hasn't changed, so size doesn't apply there. T:Group is not an increase in size, either. Your spell is not adding a magnitude to increase the size of the rocks thrown, it is increasing the magnitude to throw 10 at once. I'm not sure where these standard aiming rules are coming from that you're referencing. You know them, but you can't point me to a good spot to look for them.

Your spell description was pretty vague. "These stones inflict +5 damage[...]," could mean each stone inflicts +5 damage. So now, you're saying this spell just inflicts +5 damage, in total. This is still a problematic spell, because you're basically building in 6 levels of precision mastery in exchange for a magnitude and using up ammunition. Let's presume it flies (I don't think it does, but I'll play devil's advocate here). You're going to use up a lot of rocks really fast to get to +5 damage. Who is carrying all of these rocks? Remember, this spell is cast at R:Touch. And it also explains why I designed a spell for Ophelia which uses metal ammunition rather than stone, kept the base damage the same but increased the magnitude for metal.

How do you think its should be resolved? You clearly don't like my solution so I assume you have a better one.

Wait a minute. What solution? I didn't ask you for a solution.
I asked where the +6 to finesse rule can be found. If you can find it and show it to me, or point me where to look for it I'm happy to do it.
I suggested that ammunition is going to be a problem for your character, too. That's your problem to solve. Spending 10 rocks per round for +5 damage is going to be tough on the character, even assuming a bonus to hitting applies.

So, what problem are we solving here?

How the targeting 10 rocks at a person should work. You don't seem to like my suggestion of providing a +6 to the aiming roll, so I assume you have a better way to resolve it. The +6 isn't something from RAW its a quick and easy way to modal the ease of scoring a hit if you shoot ten time instead of one.

First you present it as RAW, perhaps not explicitly so, but you certain alluded to it being RAW when you said that's how it works in my request on asking how you get a +6 bonus on this spell. This is a bit of a problem, you're presuming a lot, and not asking how stuff should work. Ask the SG, ask the troupe, but don't assume a +6 is OK, just because you think it is. It may be "quick and easy" but you should be able to see that it's vastly overpowered. To get a +6 bonus to hit to Invisible Sling of Vilano, you need to master it with precise casting 6 times, at a cost of 105 (55, effectively, with Flawless Magic) experience points, and no other mastery ability.

Finally, you're ignoring the much harder question, that even if we get over the hurdle that is the bonus to hit, that you have an ammunition problem, and I'm not sure it's solvable. Yes, you can have a shield grog carry 100 fist sized stones in his pack, but you have the problem of trying to hold/touch 10 fist sized stones, incant your spell and let them fly. In short, you have a huge logistical problem that is difficult to solve.

Ophelia will have about 10 stones, and she'll have about the same number of metal bolts, maybe up to twice as many bolts, I haven't exactly decided. There's a reason I went with metal, because trying to carry around a lot of stones, or bowling ball sized stones (for the increased damage) just becomes unwieldy and well, impossible.

Would you prefer standard multiple casting rules instead? 10 rolls and a penalty equal to the number of distinct targets?