Ex Miscellanea - Posidina Tradition

This is an idea I had of a Tradition that sued a variant of the Whistle Up the Wind, except for water.


The older brother of Zeus is known as the god of the sea, but in ancient times, his domain also included storms, earthquakes, and horses. He was the master of all of these. He was also worshiped as the Averter of Disaster, both because if he was merciful, he could stay his hand, but also, because he was said to grant safety to those who prayed to him.
While many of their ancient mysteries have been lost, those who worshipped Poseidon, and later Nepture, as his Roman name, were always close to the sea, both figuratively, and literally. They were explorers, and navigators, not just of the lands near the sea, but of the lands beneath it. Their strong connection with the sea manifested in their control of the currents in the waters, with a side benefit of a faerie blood that allows them to breathe and act underwater, allowing them to plumb its depths.
Rumors say that some of the ancient treasures and texts of the cult were hidden in underwater caves and temples, waiting for the heirs of Poseidon to find them and recover the glory of the cult, or at least, to hide them from destruction or corruption by the church.
When the cult became a tradition in House ex Miscellanea, some of its secrets were lost, like the summoning of hippocampus, or the power to direct the currents of the sea, but their gain was greater. Now they could do so much more than just one or two of those things, and could not only control the sea, but reach heights that parallel those of their god. They can create horses, master them, command the waves, and storms, and cause earthquakes. But in order to come by this power, their ability to change themselves, and others, has been diminished.
Some of the common Virtues among them are Elemental Magic, Magic Focus (either horses, weather, the sea, or earthquakes), Wanderer, and usually an Affinity with Animal, Aquam, Auram or Terram, or even Special Circumstances (Nearby Water).
As for common Flaws, those include Pagan, Restriction (Nearby Water), Reckless, and Study Requirement.
There are said to be a maximum of four such magi within the order, each focusing his efforts on one of the four areas Poseidon was master of: Animal, Aquam, Auram, and Terram.
Major Non-Hermetic Virtue: Steer the Currents
Lesser Hermetic Virtue: Affinity with Rego.
Major Hermetic Defect: Deficiency with Muto
Required Supernatural Virtue: Undine Blood or Strong Undine Blood.

Steer the Currents
A character with this Ability is able to control currents, duplicating the effects of any water-based Rego Aquam spell at Range Sight and Target Part. To steer the current, the character has to see the water being manipulated, and make motions paralleling the change he tries to accomplish, and make a Stamina + Steer the Current roll, against the Ease Factor listed in the table below. If successful, the current starts to flow in the direction commanded by the character and will continue to do so even if the character stops his motions.
A character who steers the current at a particular strength can change it to another type with a similar strength, diminish it to a weaker effect, or end it entirely. Each of these changes requires a Strength + Swim roll, using the Ease Factors for maintaining concentration on a spell (ArM5, page 82). Steering a new current in this manner cannot increase the strength of a current, nor return a diminished current to its former intensity; instead you must make a new Steer the Current roll. All effects of this Ability diminish to the next lowest level of strength each day when the sun sets, until they dwindle to nothing.

Easy Factor Strength of Current
--- ---
6 Light current, strong enough to clean a small pond
9 Moderate current, strong enough to break a wave
12 Strong current, powerful enough to propel a ship
15 Capsize force current, strong enough to drown a person or overturn small boats
18 Tidal force current, strong enough to overturn a large boat, or cause a whirlpool

Specialties: rivers, at sea, during the winter (Supernatural)