Excess Experience

Right, a mage is reading a Level 4 Quality 11 Summae on Magic Theory. After four seasons he's amassed 44 XP, thus fourth rank. If he continues studying for another season, does he get the full 11XP or only 6 more? (to reach 50)

Not a very important question, but somewhat intriguing. :smiley:

I admit, I've wondered the same thing. I've always played it that the character would gain the full experience for that season, then be unable to use the text after that. I think there was an example in 4th that supported this idea, but it's been awhile, and I could be remembering this wrong.

EDIT: Nope, I checked 4th core, and it does the opposite. Maybe I just liked the option. My players don't mind, I'm sure. Still, I can see the argument for the other way, especially with the abuse that could rise from it...

EDIT 2: Heh, see what happens when I check my books? In 5th edition, the Limits section says that the student can't gain XP over the level of the source. So, I guess I've houseruled this one as well. Sigh. Well, what else is new. :laughing:

Right, right... Too bad, eh? :smiley: But thanks!

Out of curiousity, where'd you say that rule was written?

In 5th edition core on page 163. In the middle column, there is a section entitled "Limits" that gives the rule you desire.


ah, yes.... excellent! :slight_smile: m'thanks mate.

You're most welcome. And apparently, someone didn't think it was quite explicit enough, since the text is expanded in the 5th edition errata on the website. That list has really expanded since the last time I looked.