Expendable Enchantments for Missile Weapons

I was under the impression (even though it was never explicitly stated) that the basic idea was to have a magus "magically prepare" the missile weapons well in advance, so that grogs on a mission - or the magus himself in the pinch of combat - could loose-and-be-done.

Yes, that is my intent. To give grogs a bit of a boost when fighting beings that are extra tough, or to give our magi a backup punch in case of an ambush. That sort of thing.

One of the creature powers I've cooked up a few variants of for our saga is Extra Soak vs. (Form). Various levels from +3 to double normal to even triple normal. So of course, to compensate for that, one or more magi will want to develop a work-around to that trait when they become aware of it. I'm just trying to be proactive about the rules concerning how it works, since I'm the Alpha SG of the troupe.

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