Experimentation: 30 days in November

I hadn't seen many people mentioning it, so I completely forgot that the November writing projects were a thing. I am getting started late, but I am going to be trying to catch up.

I'm doing 30 Experiments and Side Effects - and I decided I'd make a post here to mention it. Also, if anyone wanted to make comments or critiques, point out errors or other good ideas, they could do here instead of the Post a Day thread, which would let me keep that thread cleaner for future browsing if there was enough interest. I'd hate a clean thread to be made messy by people pointing out my dumb mistakes, or even with people saying they like it.


For some reason, the picture I had in my mind is a spiteful magi unable to win a wizard war due to his target being protected by someone too powerful getting his hand on the lab text for the sole purpose of using it to socially harass the designer by ensuring there's always a pile of naked hims at the social events of the Order, hoping that ruining his reputation will force the other mage to stop hiding and confront him. Of course, this would work better if the spell created dead bodies of the original spell inventor rather than the caster.

Yeah, so that was the actual side effect that ended up on that spell when it came up in game. The spell was renamed 'Wall of Me'.

The Jerbiton who had it ended up nearly burying his angry mundane brother in a pile of himself.

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Unfortunately my string of experiments has a lot of blank options, because I am trying to make sure I get the posts out, even if I have a bit of a Creative Block on some of the side effects. I will try to fill them out as I get a chance.

It may be a matter of how big the sigils play in spell design from game to game, but I think for your spell A Vision of Emerald Days, I would not have built in the glowing eyes into the base effect, and instead treated that as either an exagerated sigil, or even a side effect.

That is quite a good point. I generally agree, though this particular spell has a more dramatic effect, I guess. Magi are weird, ya know?

Well I managed to get 25/30 after a late start, so I'm proud of that work. I will probably fill it you to 30 over the next week if I have can thanks everyone for the supportive likes to let me know it was being read.


I enjoyed the series. Thanks for sharing!


I'm flagging two issues regading this proposal:

  1. It doesn't appear to be using a published base spell guideline
  2. A base individual elemental is size 0, and every magnitude lets you increase that by size +3. Therefore, you couldn't design a spell with +1 size that targets a Size +4 elemental, unless that was itself a result of experimentation.