Experimentation and Lab Texts

A magus experiments on a new spell he is inventing (a spell to change into a wolf). Following the example in the book, the experimentation yields a major side benefit, allowing him to also speak with wolves while in wolf form.

  1. Can experimentation change the final level / arts of the spell (e.g. in this case, one would expect an extra Intellego requisite and a boost in level)?

  2. When a second magus uses the lab text of the first to re-invent the spell (without experimentation), does he get the major side benefit obtained by the first magus?

  3. If so, what if the second magus himself experiments (on the lab text of the first), and gets, say, a minor side benefit as a result? Do the two benefits stack or does the second supercede the first?

As far as I understand, you can't really experiment when using a lab text - because then you're no longer trying to copy the earlier work, but doing your own.

HoH:TL indicates that you do get the bonuses from the experimentation the original researcher did.

And the same place indicates that it doesn't change the level.

(The two last I base upon the usage of a lab-text included in a folio with a minor benifit that has the same level as the original spell)