Explaining how create Magi [Humour]


Quickly, i've made this like one help to beginers. I explain the Houses conceptos on modern terms like tht the Jerbiton are the Mythic Europe Hipsters, and the Tytallus are the Ocuppy version, or that the Tremere are the tories/republicans magi...

You gotta be careful using modern analogies because of the unseen baggage that goes with them. Tytalus for instance aren't principled protestors willing to engage in civil disobidience for their cause. Tytalus argue and stand up to the man because they believe it makes them stronger. If the man changes his position, more than a few Tytalus would change theirs, just to be on the other side and keep the debate/war/etc going.

Likewise Tremere are certainly authoritarian but share more with the military than the Tories/republicans (and invoking those parties brings the baggage of association with the rich monied classes and sticking it to the poor).

Like i said i was trying make a little joke and on the same time, one way to make characters (specially NPCs) to no regular players or Storytellers. This edition is not present on my country. Truly the militarian Tremere are more near to my conservative versions (Spanish things).
Actually i guess that Jerbiton = hipsters is not one controversy jajajajaja.

And I totally missed the Humour tag in your title :blush: