Extraordinary Results Questions

Reading over the Extraordinary Results Chart on 108 I had some questions on how people adjudicate the results.

The 12+ "Roll twice" result makes it so you could roll the same effect multiple times including Roll twice. Do you let effects snowball in this way or just consider each effect once.

If you roll multiple effects and one of them is "botch", "complete failure", or "no benifit" do those cancel out any other effect rolled or does an other effect cancel those effects. Or do you just look at all the rolls together and come up with the best narrative possible.

Also do you think the lucky virtue should effect chart rolls in some way.

In a similar vein do you think the "luck magic" practiced by other traditions could effect these experimentation rolls. (If not for hermetics then for their own practices)

Edit: Reading Learned Magicians Tueor Fortunam guidlines specifically state they cannot effect experimentation. Sucurro (which deals more directly with virtues) doesn't make that distinction though.


This one is the preferred, among other reasons because its usually the most fun.

A combination of "botch", "complete failure" and "no benefit" would be troublesome but my thinking is that in such a case you let a botch happen while the spell/effect/item/etc is still created but with a radically different effect than intended.

That would usually be up to the SG, but i think it should have a chance to affect any roll that gives a bad result.
Ie. it MIGHT change a bad result to a less bad or even a good result, but you never know for sure.

Same as above. Nothing reliable, but a chance for ( bad ) results to get better.

I once rolled 1-7-1-8-8-8-2 on implementing an insight. Compete failure is pretty clear that you get nothing. I roleplayed that I was ended up reproducing a famous failure that hadn't been reproduced since then. I plan on writing a tractatus on it in the future and get some bonus rep out of it.

Since a more-than-high roll should be a good thing, I would argue that you found in a single season multiple ways to cast that new spell. You can cast any one of those. For an item, you have to choose which at instill time. That, or whatever is the funniest to roleplay.

I was thinking I situation like this. A full +3 risk modifier and you rolled
1,5=13/roll twice

//8=11/Roll twice
//6=9/raise one art to the next level
//0=3/15 points to magic theory

9=12/roll twice

2=5/side effect
//1,3=9 major side benefit

5=8/complete failure

You could have a complete failure and still learn from it, but you couldn't have a spell with a major side benefit. Should the complete failure be ignored in favor of the side benefit or vice versa.
What if you where going for a breakthrough and you rolled 2 discoveries and a complete failure.

You could make it a spell with a different main effect from the original design which has the originally desired effect at a lower level as a side effect of the new main spell effect.

Or you could simply let the benefit be extra XP while the spell itself is a failure.