Faerie blood and the crow

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I had one question: do any of you have any idea of a faerie blood who could be linked with the crow and for which a skinchanger virtue with crow, as well as the entrancement/hex/prophecy virtues could be thematic?
Is there any tale about crow-people being faerie?

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Salvete, Sodales!

I couldn't find anything about crows, but they were often mixed up with ravens anyway - and ravens do appear in the Nordic Mythology as Odin's two birds Hugin and Mugin, who watch the past and furture for him. The Gods of the antique pantheons usually are faeries in these days Ars Magica scenarios, and it might well be possible that not only the masters bred but also their companions.

Alexios ex Miscellanea

Apollo is linked to crows (through Koronis, one of his loves) and ravens, and to prophecy (this is pretty much his portfolio), but more to Enchanting Music than Entrancement or Hex

Odin would be a poor choice - his birds were ravens, not crows, he had to go elsewhere for prophecy, and entrancement & hex are "women's magic" (although he was accused of this precise thing, he was punished by the others for this act. Also, there are much stronger correspondances).

Morrigan was the crow goddess (perhaps) of Ireland, but she was all about war.

Certainly Apollo is a good match.


Thanks Mark, the Appolo part is really good because we will play in the Thebean Tribunal (yes! almost good with the publication of the Sundered Eagle book!)

Then you will find something to help you therein :slight_smile:
I would suggest Faerie Blood using the Faerie God strain from RoP:F. This gives you some automatic sympathies in areas which align with a god's portfolio.