Faerie legacy minor virtue for some bloods... not good?


Some faerie bloods (RoP F around p108) gives a racial bonus: +1 to a max 3 in a characteristic.
It's okay.
After, there is the "faerie legacy" which allows you to choose the "legacy" bonus in place of the "normal" bonus, but you need strong or normal faerie blood to take it.

Up to now, no problem.

Some blood have a "progressive" blood bonus:
+1 to all profession at normal level for brownie blood; +1 to all profession except one AND +2 to that profession for legacy brownie blood.
It's good.

But what about some legacy, as "ettin" or "nymph" bloods which gives:
normal : +1 up to 3
legacy: +1 up to 4

But what?
How can be "legacy" interesting for those faerie blood? With legacy, to have 4, you need faerie or strong faerie blood (1 or 3 point virtue) +1 (legacy virtue) and 6 characteristics point (to have 3) +1 (up to max 4)
You could also take the normal blood, with a greater characteristics, having for 3 characteristics point a 4 in the ability for 4 or 2 points virtues
This way, you gain 3 characteristics points!!

I just don't see the intention for the legacy level of these bloods... :frowning:

Has someone another opinion or other ideas about it?

Yes, Faerie Legacy is terribad. It is impossible not to realize it as soon as you see it. First thing I did was looking at the errata.

Lets say you want +5 Communication for some random reason and you have already spent your 7 points. You can:

  • {Improved Characteristics + Improved Characteristics + Great Communication + Great Communication} or
  • {Improved Characteristics + Faerie Blood (Nymph) + Great Communication + Great Communication}.
    Both require 4 virtues, the second giving a nice faerie flavor.

Now we want to add Faerie Legacy, so Faerie Blood (Nymph) replaces Great Communication and not Improved Characteristics:

  • {Improved Characteristics + Improved Characteristics + Faerie Blood (Nymph) + Faerie Legacy + Great Communication}.
    This requires 5 virtues for the same result.

For all the characteristic Faeries Bloods, it is a pure loss. For others, you have better choices like Puissant Ability, Faerie Sympathy, Troupe Upbringing. Only for Undine does it have any value.

Frankly, I believe giving it a +2 to characteristic or a +3 to favored brings it to par with the other virtues above.

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Well, it's not. Faerie Legacy is a very poor virtue. Even the example you cite grants only an extra +1 to one Ability for 1 minor virtue, which is half as good as just taking Puissant.

Aaaaand these are even worse.

Yes. My opinion is that some virtues and flaws are better than others. This is one of those others. Accumulate a sufficiently large body of virtues and you'll get a few that are not worth having. This is one of those.



I think Faerie Legacy was intended for characters who already have Faerie Blood or Strong Faerie Blood as part of their concept (Faerie Doctors or Merinitae for example). In that regard it 's not bad for a minor virtue...

I understand why, but it's not good!
A SFB character will chose anytime great XX rather than legacy characteristic.

I must say, the huldra blood is quite useful because it's a kind of special invisibility for mundane, always interesting...

I thought there was supposed to be another benefit to Faerie Legacy, but looking at the text I don't see it there. I would suggest that taking Faerie Legacy means that they may also add 1 to their Warping Score when taking Faerie Sympathy Traits that are appropriate to their Legacy, in addition to the bonus from Faerie Blood or Strong Faerie Blood. This would mean that a character with a Warping Score of 1, Strong Faerie Blood (Nymph), Faerie Legacy, and Faerie Background might have a positive "Trees" Sympathy Trait of up to +5 and a negative "Loyalty" Sympathy Trait of -1.

It seems worthwhile for huldras, undines, ghuls and maybe faerie god blood. But only with pretty specific builds. Also brownies and dwarfs and the like can benefit from the addition to there skills. Yes puissant ability is better but if your going for max bonuses you can take both.

I’ve played around with the idea of using it to allow stat scores over +5.

So for instance if you started at a +3 and bloodcap blood with a faerie legacy brought you to +4 strength you could still add great strength twice to get a +6. However if I allowed it I’d probably tack an on additional point of negative sympathy.

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Faerie Sympathy "may freely increase ... Warping", Faerie Legacy does not help there. Same with Faerie Background which is free.

If you meant "raising the maximum score to which the character may increase Sympathy Traits by 1", then it starts to look good.

Yes, that's what I meant. Instead of their Warping Score being the limit, it should be Warping Score + 1, or rather Warping Score + 2 for Faerie Blood/Faerie Legacy, Warping Score + 5 for Strong Faerie Blood/Faerie Legacy.

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Faerie Legacy would have been a pretty nice virtue had it doubled the effect of the (S)FB benefit. Not quite a Solid virtue, since this benefit is usually not quite as good as full minor virtue, but still potentially worthwhile:

+2 to a Characteristic, not to exceed +3 is still not as good as taking the usual virtue, but close.
+2 to all crafts is nice, for the right character



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