[Faerie Power Design] Characteristic Boost

I want to design a power that allows a faerie to spend Might Points to boost a characteristic. Given the Hermetic guidelines for this are geared towards a permanent and thus ritual effect, they are of little help. Is there anything similar already established under 5th Edition rules?

Without my books on an airport, but could you base it on some sort of grant virtue effect? Granting strong characteristic or something like that?

The Loosely material power costs 25 spell levels and allows an immaterial faerie to create a body, spending Might points to boost the physical characteristics of the created body (1 Might = 5 characteristic points -- note that bringing a Characteristic from 0 to +5 costs 1+2+3+4+5=15 points, not 5). These points are inaccessible as long as the body is maintained. I would use a similar guideline for boosting characteristics of a Faerie that already has a physical body in accordance to a specific theme (e.g. some "Charm" power would boost Presence and Communication).

P.S. I assumed that you meant boosting a characteristic of the Faerie itself. Otherwise, I'd just treat it as a Grant Virtue power.