Faerie Trees

I was having a look the other day at 2nd edition Faeries (I still like some of the content in it) and the concept of faerie trees was discussed. This idea seemed to be squeezed out in the successive editions and I was wondering what thoughts others had of how these could work under the current 5 ed rules?

... Um.

I don't know anything about 2nd ed, but... I suppose if people were telling stories about trees that did something other than being trees, and they had a method of accruing vitality, this would work fine. Or, if you don't necessarily mean trees with Faerie Might but just Faerie-influenced trees, well... Faerie Warping is known to cause some weird stuff.

Either way, I think it could work.

As long as the trees were part of the story. In Against the Darkness, their are vampire trees ( and gourds) which is the same as fairy trees.