Faerie vs Magic

Is there anything that is intrinsically easier to do with Faerie magic. Are there limits of magic that are not limits of, er, Faerie ?

Yes, but mostly that is if you are faerie. There are some faerie virtues which definitely make things easier (faerie affinities, for example...)

There's a loophole that makes it easier for magi with Faerie Magic to live longer than those who don't have Faerie Magic Theory.

If you know Faerie Magic Theory, you can use a number of pawns in a season equal to ((2MT)+(2FMT)), so long as you use Faerie vis for the 2*FMT value, which means you can hit 40 pawns of vis with MT of 10 and FMT 10, rather than a Magic Theory of 20, which is possible with about 500 less XP, and that's a lot more to spend on your Arts. (In fact, it'll get you two arts to 20, and a third one to 12 with 2 left over, like say, Creo, Corpus, and Vim, meaning you can better generate the vis you need).

All of that means your magus has a lot better chance of having a great longevity ritual and lasting that much longer.

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Faerie magic is not limited by essential nature; magic magic is. (The Virtue "Faerie Magic" is limited thusly, however.)

PCs have difficulty getting access to the full array of faerie magics, even as faeries, since much of this literally remains story events to be waved in as needed via GM fiat.

(As for longevity, magi with Faerie Magic have access to Mysteries that make LRs unnecessary and which deals with Warping, usually the real killer. Unless there's a real killer.)



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I personally like Faerie Wizardry a lot more than Hermetic magic, but solely because of a few missing minor Breakthroughs, because the Faerie Wizardry Durations are fantastic. Of course, a Merinita magus taking advantage of Sympathy to perform Hermetic rites can access all those durations in the right circumstances, but it's rather expensive and slow.

In terms of power, Magic, Hermetic or otherwise, usually trumps Faerie in most ways. It's more consistent, easier to boost, and the guidelines are typically better and more versatile. Faerie has advantages in pulling sudden wild cards due to their Forms being tied more to symbolism than direct function, and have some fantastic advantages in certain applications of illusion skills, but on the whole Magic wins out.

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