Faeries and the Gift


I'm new to the forums. I'm designing a Merinita for an Ars Magica game that we're starting in Los Angeles, and am wondering to what degree the Gift bothers faeries. The main book is pretty unclear about this. It seems to suggests that some are put off by it, but not all are, but does not explain how many are immune to the Gift's influence, or why. I don't see anything firm about this in the Mystery Cults book, though it does include a Virtue of "Inoffensive to" that can be include faeries. The Realms of Power book about faeries does not address this issue either, as far as I can see. If the default is that faeries find the Gift offensive, are all the Merinita that have been written up in the books offensive to faeries? Because few if any seem to have this Virtue. Any ideas? Oh yes - any special hints about playing a Merinita? My last mage was a rather worldly Jerbiton.



Salvete, Sodales!

If in doubt, I'd say that any mundane, fearie or magical creature is bothered by the Gift. My main reasons for this are the mentioned virtues (inoffensive to faeries/magical creatures) which would be meaningless if I could reasonably expect that faeries don't care anyway.
Of course, there are exceptions. In RoP:M you find a virtue, I think it is called 'unaffected by the Gift' (serf's Parma), and I don't see a reason why this shouldn't be available for faeries as well - as long as it fits into their role, e.g. a mystic teacher of magic secrets should have it, as should most of the stronger faerie kings/queens whose power is so vast that such details like a little strange aura are beyond their notice.

This is just my take on the subject. In the end this comes down to your decission, as there really is no definite answers in the Raw that I am aware of.

Alexios ex Miscellanea

By and large faeries react to the Gift in the same way most people and animals do (it has been established that Might does not confer immunity like the Parma Magica does). That said, however, Faeries have to interact with humans to draw vitality from them.

To this end I would suggest that any faerie attached to a magus and/or covenant would be unaffected by the social effects of the Gift

I'm not sure incognizant faeries have enough free will or freedom of action to be effected by the Gift.