Fall 1200 Vis hunt from Bentalone

The expedition, such as it is, heads out from Bentalone- which direction are they traveling (mountains to the east, city and lake to the west, Mediterranean eventually to the south)

Can we say this is happening at the end of fall, only 10 days left, and Gerard has finished his spell? Or has to happen at beginning of Winter? Basically he won't want to interrupt that invention because it's a critical spell for him.

Also, he hasn't explored much so he doesn't have the area lore that would clue him in where to look.

[Wouldn't fall be after the Tribunal?]

Alienor is updated to Fall 1200 (non-inclusive) depending on how you answer Plot Device's question I may assign reading during Fall in lieu of adventure xp.

Same here, awaiting an answer to that before typing up a response.

Provence holds its tribunal in winter, in part to emphasize the more moderate weather of their tribunal, and in part to prevent conflict with the grand tribunal, which is always in summer.
If the adventure is a the end of fall and runs over it may make you late for the tribunal, and absent for the aegis of the hearth ritual.

Jaufres is very eagre to go. He has packed and repacked his outfit for several days, and is up before dawn to get dressed. He shows up at breakfast with all his gear, sword and shield, bow and quiver, dressing pretty much as his father does when he leaves the covenant, except that for him, even with appropriately child sized weapons, the weight of it all is a bit too much for him.

OOC. Rolls 6 on magic lore [vis sources] + Int FWIW. Whatever he has to offer is something he picked up from Ursula's teaching.

Gerard comes down shortly after. When he sees Jaufre, a proud grin stretches across his face and he nods approvingly. He looks at the boy keenly - he doesn't want him to be painfully overburdened, but a little discomfort is good conditioning. (He's quite heavily burdened too.) Satisfying himself that the boy can handle the weight, he sits down to a heaping plate of eggs and ham and digs in.

When his hunger is a little less severe, he looks around the table, smiling. "This is going to be fun! Are we all going? Does anyone know a good spot to start searching?"

[@silveroak Aegis is at the end of winter, isn't it?

When in winter/where is tribunal? Basically are you saying it's not feasible to do story at end of fall, or just has some risk? And can we ameliorate that by choosing where we search?]

Aegis is on the solstice, which is considered the beginning of winter. 10 days before the end of fall would be December 11. The tribunal is on January 13th- church calendar wise this is actually 1201, but astrologically it is still 1200 (another reason most tribunals avoid a winter tribunal meeting)., and is held in Coenobium this year.

"Your kid is very eager, isn't he?" Lutra comments to Gerard, giving the kid an awkward smile before turning to Gerard as he asks about the possible locations to look. "The southern edge of the nearby lake is suspicious. Only problem with the location would be the mundanes who seem to have gotten hold of these "healing waters", but I'd wager we can find something just underwater." After a brief pause, he adds in a quieter voice as he glances at Jaufres. "If we do look there, it might be better to split. With how much he's carrying, it's almost certain he would sink."

Gerard smiles. "No moreso than me. Let's all head down, you investigate the lake and we'll make sure you stay safe. If Jaufre wants to go for a swim, he can take that off anyway. If any nasty monsters attack you, just draw them to the surface and I'll take it from there." Gerard winks. Then he thinks for a moment. "You know, let me grab some Ignem vis, just to be on the safe side. I'd hate to see my magicks bounce off some kraken's hide. Any objections?"

[can Alienor roll with Faerie Lore instead for faeri tainted sources?]

the current source being explored is based on area lore- faerie lore will give you indications of the kinds of stories and locations which might attract faeries...

[I assumed we were each going to roll and then we’d have a variety of leads we could choose to follow.]

unless you want to travel multiple days from the covenant there are only so many leads you can follow.

Alienor smiles, "I'm sure the Kraken du Lac would merely wish to have a mug of ale with us but perhaps warm ale is its preference..."

"I hope you're right. But better to be safe than sorry." Gerard goes off to the treasury, and comes back with a heavy pouch on his belt, which is full of Ignem vis, and a purse of silver. "I hope I won't need it, but I feel responsible for your defense, it will make me feel better. I really need to be better prepared for battles with beasts, but I have so much to do..." He shrugs. "Ah well. Such is the fate of all magi, no? Anyway, is everyone ready to head out? Are we going to be road-travelling and inn-hopping? We shouldn't make up too large of a party, but at least someone to speak for us."

[not sure how compact vis is in purified form, he's bringing along as much ignem as can reasonably fit in a pouch, up to all of it (30). Also 25 MP.]

"There shouldn't be too much trouble down there, at least I hope the situation hasn't changed too much since I last was there..." he comments. When he's done eating breakfast he picks up the supplies he's packed, double checking one last time before he heads out. "I should be ready yes. As for who to bring along to speak for us..." He thinks on it for a while, wondering who'd be willing to head out with them, possibly having to share a room with the magi even.

Jaufres tails his father around. Repeatedly nagging, «are we going to go soon?» «What are we waiting for?» Et cetera ad nauseam.

Knowing how to distract the boy, Gerard asks, "Where's your brother? Why isn't he ready to go?"