Fall 1200 Vis hunt from Bentalone

Guihelm laughs. He responds in Latin, "Probably not." Alienor bathing in the spring at the covenant is a frequent enough sight that children who grew up with it do not get that most of the world behaves differently.

One of the men says to Gerard "Your mistress should really stay indoors, not be flaunted at the bath."

Gerard scoffs. "If you are offended, wait until we are done to use the bath. Otherwise, remain silent and tend to your own affairs."

Alienor doesn’t quite stifle her laugh at the mention of the word mistress but otherwise remains silent.

The men storm off in a huff, and are headed in the direction of the front office.

Once they are gone Alienor’s mostly stifled laugh bursts forth. “Bu... ha... perhaps it is time to leave? This does not seem to be what we came for anyway. Perhaps the source?”

Gerard nods. "Bed, boys." To Alienor: "We should go to the lake in the morning. For the source of this... surely it's deep underground? Not my area of expertise to see such a thing. But if the water is ordinary the source likely is too." He will lead the way up to the rooms, but once the kids are settled in he heads down to check in with the front office, along with his coinpurse, to see if there's any trouble.

The man at the front desk inhales when Gerard approaches and lets it out slowly. "I assume you have come to discuss the incident at the bathing pool. We did of course receive a complaint, and by the time we escorted our other guests out there to discuss the issue you had already departed the waters. This is an issue which has not come up before, we should have had a policy in place regarding gender bathing times, and we did not, is this going to be any sort of issue for the remained of your stay with us?"

Gerard shakes his head. "No, it won't be. To be clear, nothing... unchaste was happening, except in the minds of your other guests. But I do think set times would be beneficial. Please let us know what you decide."

"I will have a schedule decided by morning."

In the morning you are informed that the hours (in modern terms, I'm not translating to the medieval clock) that are set aside form women bathers, when such are present at the inn, are between 1 and 3 in the afternoon. A red banner will be hung from the door to the baths when there are women in the inn.

Gerard will lead the way out to the lake. Is there a high point where you can see a lot of the lake at once?

There are numerous spots along the shore where you can see much of the lake- the lake is 10 miles long but 2 miles across (east-west) and just north of town there is a hill whose peak is 1 mile back from the lake but which towers 1,000 feet above it, being at the midpoint north to south. Or on the west bank is a similar hill whose peak is closer to a mile and a half back from the lake but which towers 3000 feet above it. In either case the entire lake is visible from either of these locations. It is only at the north and south ends of the lake where the slope is truly gentle, and the town is located at the southern foot of the hill on the eastern bank, wrapping around the foot of the hill where there is a 3/4 mile protrusion of gently sloped land into the lake. The inn you stayed in is at the southern tip of the town, near the southern foot of the hill and the lake itself. where the distance between the two is just over 300 paces.

Once they reach the lookout point on the hill, Lutra will try to remember anything of note that could be valuable for the hunt. Maybe a spot where the lake is unusually deep or some spot where out-of-place looking fish gather. Knowing the spring at the inn they stayed at seemed to be mundane according to the twins, he's not likely to point out any spots too close to where they are.

Jaufres hides behind his father and listens attentively to the magi's discussions.

Lutra can eliminate the north end of the lake with near certainty, being the most heavily traveled area by merchants any unnatural effects which occurred there would be almost certainly well documented in travelers tales. The lake extends 3 miles south of the town, and any source of the reputed properties could lay anywhere in that distance, or even from outside the lake where water runoff from melted snow might in the spring might transmit magical effects into the south end of the lake. There is an old roman fortress which was restored for use just over a century ago 6 miles south of the lake. You can also see a monastery on the opposite side of the lake, though slightly north of your position, which could, in principle, be the source of some divine effect, though again the connection seems tenuous given the well traveled water route of the northern end of the lake.

Does restored for use mean the roman fortress is now occupied by some lord?

yes, it is.
in fact as a historical footnote, most English language sources indicate it will be taken by force by the Savoy family in the 1290's, while most German language sources indicate it was purchased. The familly it was taken/bought from suggests a Welsh family connection- my suspicion is that it was purchased under duress, possibly while under seige. Of course the covenant will be long gone by then, but...

"So, it looks like we need to search the southern end of the lake. Lutra, do you want to swim it? Are there any known dangers? Jaufres, can you see any magically active spots from here?"

[[If it had been a spot that stayed with a magic aura (occupied by someone other than a christian lord) it might have come up later when the characters end up thinking about a new covenant location. Probably a bit too close anyway.]]

"Sure I'll be going ahead, as far as I know there's not any major danger," Lutra replies. If Jaufres says anything he'll probably check up on there first. Otherwise, he will scout out in hearbeast form towards the south.

Alienor listens quietly to the discussion while watching the birds overhead. Éléazar flies to join them, feeling in a playful mood.

Guilhelm knows his sight is not the same as his brother's sense for anything magical but he chooses to survey the lake as well in case something of interest is noticed by his second sight.

[Second Sight Roll: 17]