Familiar bonuses to Certamen?

The 3 cords use create to bind a Familiar (Gold, Silver and Bronze), would they apply any bonuses to Certamen?

For Instance, Silver Cord might add to Mentem defence?

The Gold Cord would decrease the number of botch dice (IIRC, noble's parma), but otherwise I wouldn't think so.

Not that you have much opportunity to roll more than 1 botch dice in Certamen.

If you use vis, does that add botch dice? I don't remember, partly because I'm averse to using vis for what I consider a small benefit compared to its other uses.

I would think some other parts of the bond might be useful, but of the standard three cords I would agree the Gold Cord would seem to apply. I'm specifically thinking of Shared Fatigue with a bound faerie.

Yes. Always.

You could create a certamen style that draws on the cords to provide bonuses maybe?