Familiar magic might level

Could anyone sugest a level for a beaver.
Or any other types of creo familiars.
and some magic powers for the beast.

Beaver is a Rego creature, in my mind.

Creo would be a chicken, certainly. For mammals, I'm drawing a blank.

I believe a beaver would work, because they create dams.

Other animals: cow creates milk, bees create honey, birds-nests, ants-hills

Almost any animal could work, since it would be magical. You could have a wolf with the power to plant trees and make rain to help take care of his forest, or a hawk that creates winds to fly on. One idea is to think of what kind of animal enhances the 'feel' of your character, and build to suit.

As for might, I think that is a function of what your character can bind and what your troup would allow. I believe most of my troupe has a familiar around 20.

Powers are another thing I would talk to your troupe about. But my thoughts on a beaver are:

-ReHe, ReTe or ReAq, all to help build dams, or maybe it biulds houses just like people, or is a great sculptor
-InHe, to find the kind of tree the the beaver wants to use
-ReIm to hide from predators
-ReAn for a ring of warding against predators
-ReAq for breathing underwater

I didn't put any Creo, because I'm not sure you want a creature that can magically create something permanent, and I don't see a builder creating wood that would disappear at sunset.

On the other hand, a CrHe effect which renders a wooden construction mostly indestructable for a month would be fitting. As, I suppose, if you want to keep the dam as a focal idea, something which causes a sapling to grow to a strong, perfect specimen in a few days, thus ensuring an eternal supply of quality wood for its creative urges.

What about a Pelicane? The pelican is known to resurrect her young with her own blood.


The She-Bear licks their shapeless young into shape and life.