What suggestions can everyone give me for a Creo Vim Specialist with Holy Magic?

I thought of a few...some are :laughing:
Dove...ehh not sure that fits
Donkey... Not sure any magus would actually LIKE that idea...
Angel... :open_mouth:

Any others?

I think a dove is pretty cool.

Is the character Christian? How about a lamb (produces wool for Creo and represents the Divine for Vim)?

Dog should be a good choice for a Christian mystic, and any kind of magical animal can fit well with Vim.

I don't see the problem with having a [color=blue]Divine Ass , myself. :wink:

The symbol associated with the Early Church , is that of a Fish.
(not very practical for non-submariners)
A Lion possibly , historically England had both Lions and Bears.
(page 04 in the Book of Mundane Beasts mentions that Lions might still be around in Mythic Europe)

The Book of Beasts
The Medieval Bestiary

A white stag perhaps?

Purity, faith and destiny as symbolism.

Ooo, I like! A unicorn is a great idea.

I, too, think a lamb is probably your best bet.

That having been said, the pelican was also considered a Christ-symbol and is especially appropriate given that Creo is an art associated with healing:


Lion and Unicorn...hmmm

Both good. :smiley:

A Crow? Vulture? oh wait you said Holy!

What? You think he is a Diedne, Tytalus or something like that?

One can only imagine the foul beast a Diedne would have as a familiar. It's bad enough they spend all their time skulking around and being all devil-worshiping-y!

A goat. Definitely a goat. :laughing:

[color=red]The Goat of Mendes

Perfect visualization of what was in my head!

The pigeon (the holy spirit) might be OK as well. Depends on how holy he is compared to his earthly-ness.



Biggest trick is finding something you like and respect, that is connected to Creo... Just remember that some unique individuals can differ from the main mainstream of the species.

Look at the personality of the magus, is he a healer, or a builder? Could he respect a sheep? (or would he prefer mutton?)

Personally, I like the idea of a falcon. Really though, since even at this early point Christianity has been co-opting other symbols for it's own use nearly any noble animal will fit. Heck, find an animal that you like and look it up: odds are, there is some Christian symbology associated with it.