Familiars and Scrying

Ths has been touched upon I belive, but not fully answered.

If a magus observes another member of the Order via his familiar (Shared Senses power, ArM5 p. 105), is this scrying?
And just as interestingly, how will anyone prove it?

If the familiar is visible, and known to be a familiar, it probably is not: it's the same exception that says a visible wizard is not scrying even if he is using magic to improve his senses, or project an image of himself (like Haunt of the Living Ghost, AM5 p.144).

If the familiar is not visible, then yes, it's probably scrying.

Exc ellent.
I'm thinkng about introducing a blind old magus who likes to read (and generally see) via his familiar's eyes.

It could be interpreted either way. After all, it is using magic to achieve the effect, so...

And just like suing because your coffee was hot, there is no way to stop someone from bringing the case to Tribunal just because they feel it's scrying, or might be, or might appear to be, or might just have the votes to be declared such regardless of any objective judgement.

Players (and SG's) have to remember that The Code is not based on a set of tightly and clearly defined terms. Much of the time it's subject to the whims and interpretations of the body involved. That is, unlike modern law, which focuses on the letter of the law, with everything specifically defined and delineated, The Code relies more on the spirit of the law - and that can be re-interpreted every time a point is brought to Tribunal. In short - and in a very real way - if it looks illegal and sounds illegal and smells illegal, it could quite possibly be deemed illegal, Code or no Code - and vice versa.

So, for my money, while seeing thru the eyes of a companion is doing so "by magic" and thus breaks the letter of The Code, the spirit is not broken so long as the mage does not use the Familiar to spy about in secret. But, then again, I'm not eligible to vote in your Tribunal. 8)

(But it's a great concept, and that alone should carry weight, if perhaps invite some specific Flaws having to do with the legalities. Do it!)

This was rather my take on things as well, but I kinda wanted a second opinion, so... :wink:

Nice one! Consider also making him with No Hands and have the familiar flip the pages. :wink:

Not a bad suggestion, but my original idea actually involved the familiar being a horse.
I'm sure you can fnd the pun in your own time :unamused:

lol :mrgreen: How tall, exactly?