I was looking through the rules last night and noticed that effects enchanted into the bond NEVER generate warping. This got me to thinking, in earlier additions familiars could improve stat scores. It would seem quite possible that continuous effect stat enhancers could be enchanted into the bond.

I'm wondering if there's any limit to this? Can multiple application of stat enhancer spells give more then a +1 stat bonus and if so would a new effect need to be enchanted for every +1? How about a constant PeVi effect to degrade all arcane connections to the magus or familiar?


I would not allow it. It seems quite an abuse of the rules to me. But you can do whatever you want here :slight_smile:

A white dove is whitwe. If you want to enchant a multicolotred changing pattern in his image, I would determine that the effect is continuous, since it does not change his essential nature of being white. So it would generate warping for the dove (NOT for the magus) fopr being under the effect of a constant effect in the long run. Maybe slower than marked in the warping ruiles but some form of warping for continuous effect would be in the order of the day.


Well according to the RAW being under an effect enchanted into a familiar bond does not cause warping. (Take a look at the warping section in long term events, this is express in the rules).

Any effect may be enchanted into the bond but it may only effect the magus or the familiar. Constant effects are not baned, it is simply referenced that concentration and having the bond maintain concentration is a more level efficient way or doing things.

In earlier editions familiars could raise stats (there were other balance considerations about doing this though...).


According to the RAW I could increase all my characteristics to a constant +5 without warping if I invented spells designed specifically for myself. As a player and SG I would find that to be a heavy abuse of the rules, and would blast the perpetrator with quite a few warping points if used constantly

RAW and acceptability are not necessatrily the same :slight_smile: If your vision of how things shoud work and the RAW are in contradiction, the ones that got it wrong are the rules :wink:

I did post in this spirit, not for the rules as written. If the later are more important in your saga, then disregard my comment. You can have a pigeon with dragon stats then :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: We do not like that kind of stuff (IMS, if you want dragon stats, get a dragon) but other people have different (and equally valid) points of view.



Using boosting spell designed specifically for yourself would be an abuse of the rules?

Raising intelligence form +1 to +5 could be done for 4 warping points when using spells not specifically tailored to the character. Are the seasons spent developing spells not a greater cost than 4 warping points?

A range personal ritual to raise ones intelligence from +4 to +5 is level 55. I'd think that the way to raise intelligence is to develop a level 60 range touch spell. Then you can sell it to anyone. Let's look at purchasing rituals to get your intelligence raised from +1 to +5, it would take 4 spells, so 48 vis (it could be somewhat cheaper if the caster knows multiple semi redundant spells) to power the rituals and probably another rook or more to pay the caster.

I think that the cost of attribute raising rituals is just about right. Is having a +5 intelligence so much more useful than being able to fly at will and read the secrets out of the minds of others?

(Urien's talk of opening items with more than a queen of vim vis in the Verditius contradiction tread speaks of games where vis is not particularly valuable and the economics would be different.)

Those rituals would be duration momentary wouldn't be constant effect but more like a spell that cuts off a leg in that the spell would be gone but the change t caused remain (effects from a familiar bond on the other hand would be constant effects).

In 4th ed we rolled for stats. Upgrading to 5th, the Increased Characteristics Virtue cam in handy, but didn't cover everything. So yeah, I also tossed stat altering magic into the bond and presented players with the option of how they wanted to recreate their respective characters. Only one magus relies on it, his Strength and Stamina are dependant on his miniture silver dragon familiar Kind of like another character whom he resembles, who was dependant on his black sword (cough talisman cough) for his physical power and health.

The drawback it putting all the eggs in the basket. That lil' dragonette dies, and Newyn of Merinita is as weak as a kitten and cannot even lift his greatsword talisman.